Marriage Therapist SHARES Why 70% Of Women BREAKUP With Men! (How To Find Love) Katherine W. Thomas

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39 thoughts on “Marriage Therapist SHARES Why 70% Of Women BREAKUP With Men! (How To Find Love) Katherine W. Thomas

  1. Brilliant 👌🏻 Greetings from Scotland 😊 Have a wonderful day everyone 🌻

  2. Thank you for sharing. This is such interesting and helpful in dealing within ourselves after failed relationships.

  3. The more we get comfortable with ourselves the better our relationships will be. It is equally valid stay or to leave.

  4. Pay attention to red flags and your intuition. If you feel icky a lot then leave the relationship. Love yourself and know what your boundaries are before you choose someone to be intimate with. Once you are intimate, it makes it more difficult to break it off if need be.

  5. Another gem! I also love the term “Love Alchemist” to me, it means cooperation and empathy over blaming and pointing the finger. What’s lacking in relationships, abusive/neglectful situations aside, these days is people stop trying. 🙂 Thanks, Lewis! 🧡

  6. I’ve been married now for 30 years, love this strong man and have enjoyed grow old together. Have an up coming high school reunion where my first love will meet my husband. I think people should hold off marriage till they are at least 27 years old, by then you know yourself better to share a future.

    1. I agree, I told my kids wait till your 30 then consider a serious relationship and the have. So far so good 🎉❤

  7. My spouse is easily manipulated by third parties to doubt our relationship. I have allowed it and surrendered and willing to accept anything that happens!

  8. I’ve heard of ‘Conscious and Unconscious Coupling ‘ previously… It appears to provide a deeper _coverage_ everytime and makes sense in order to let not just the Ex go but also oneself move on.

    Beautiful interview… Thank you to you both.

  9. Love is overrated the myth of romantic love the illusion of the soulmate the perfect other. The one who completes you today can destroy you tomorrow. Love yourself and you will never be abandoned, cherish yourself and you will always be loved, be a soulmate to yourself and find peace in that. You complete yourself fully and completely you need no other. Looking outside yourself for love is like a child playing with fire.

  10. Please could you give us the name of the author the therapist (whose name I also don’t know and can’t find? Lol) mentioned when she said she going to release a new book please Lewis, the time stamp was approx 20.35? Great video. Thankyou 🙏🏻

    1. Her name is Esther Perel! 🙂 She was also featured here on YT, I think twice on this podcast if you haven’t watched the interviews yet, very insightful lady!

    2. @N Gabriel thankyou, that’s very kind of you to take the time to answer my question, have a blessed day 🙏🏻♥️

  11. Breakups can be a blessing in disguise! It’s not always meant for makeup, but rather it ends in order for you to wake up! So instead of trying to fix something that is broken, start over to create something that you will attract better.
    💙YouTuber That Helps People Overcome Toxic Relationships

  12. the less time to spend away from someone the faster you fall out of love
    and media sites is another one that breaks up Marriage you got sue texting your wife this and that and the next thing you know she hooks up your wife with
    the person who was giving her lunch and shes seeing someone behind your husbands back

  13. Communication is the key! Not calling for 5 days is going to make any one wonder what’s going on.

  14. I still say there’s no better channel for development on YouTube. My other channels are niches, but you have everything, Lewis.

    The girl who text and sabotaged herself makes me think I ended my last relationship properly. She was mad because she found out I’d been with someone while we weren’t talking, and we hadn’t been in a relationship. I was like I can’t do anything if you see me like all these other guys, I’ll always love you, and goodbye. She tried to deny that was it, but I was like, “No, after I told you that I was with this girl you just totally changed, but we’re okay.” I’m getting way better at break ups. It’s something we do need to teach.

  15. You will either break up or get married, both can be scary but be responsible w either outcome 💕

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