Manifest Anything You Want 3 Days Or Less | Neville Goddard | 5 Easy Steps

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Manifest Anything You Want 3 Days Or Less | Neville Goddard | 5 Easy Steps


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33 thoughts on “Manifest Anything You Want 3 Days Or Less | Neville Goddard | 5 Easy Steps

  1. Wonderful! Could u make a video on how to keep your mind positive when your heart is broken and everything seems grey. It’s hard to keep positive. Are there any techniques? Thank you.

    1. @Deon Tyler Have you considered becoming a life coach or something similar? I think you would do quite well! 👍

    2. @OnePulsar You know what even though I’m on my manifesting journey too. Alot of people thought I am a life coach or manifesting coach or I should be one and I take that as a great compliment. 😃💙😃

  2. OMG Robert this is strange. while I was listening to your video I was still thinking, am I not manifesting too much, am I not doing too much? because everything started to go wrong, the opposite came and low and beholt you bring it up. immediate answer to my question. nice this. thank you🙏🇦🇺

  3. Well , this is my success story!!
    Mates manifestation is kinda easy also difficult because until you learn to be aligned with your desires it’s really difficult and once you start letting go and get high in your vibration things manifest more faster and it’s that damn easy , when you affirm and then again get the same old anxiety, fear,doubt,lack what you want, because your mind doesn’t filter negative and positive thoughts it just takes in everything.
    Regretful if this comment broke hopes !! But trust me if you know the alignment and letting go , you attract everything and anything effortlessly

    1. As I was watching in your vdeo I feel so much happy and exited with the messages that you given us I wish I would like to be abundant in .my life I wish to be financially stable so that I can use whatever I need in my life

    2. How should we allign with exactly what we want…we dont no any numerical value or anything like how can we allign ourselves with our exact desired things

    3. @Nadia Ferdause As i told you getting aligned with our desires is not about having a particular value , it’s just about the constant positive feel you have about your manifestation for instance it should be “”i already have it ” , “my manifestation is coming true” where you already start living with it and assume you already have it and have the excitement about it , where as on the other hand if you try harder and harder for your manifestation it means you lack so just set the morning intention and let it go because you have it with you , you know the end of the story so be patient !! Hope this helped

  4. Deafen your ears and blind your eyes to all that denies the reality of your assumption.✌

  5. Note
    1. Stop doing all your manifestation work for the time being
    2.Develop a powerful I Am Affarmation. “one Simple I Am Affarmation that describe what you desire as if you already have it.
    3. Use the Affarmation to keep you steady. (Use it all day long when you need it )
    4.Believe with all your heart and soul you already have it
    5 Act as if you already have it.

    It’s important to also listen to the video ☺️

  6. This is my favourite video so far! Love this mindset. Hell yes, feeling the same and continuing to be THIS! AH!!! ❤️🤌🏻

  7. I am definitely going to work on this 5 things and come back here and share My super successful manifestation story with you all my beautiful co-creators!!!😇💯✨ Thankyou so much Robert❤Sending you lots of positive vibes on your way!✨

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  9. I’ve been very positive oriented and following several manifestation techniques. I got tired 😪 of trying and trying and things getting worse and worse. Today I just said to myself that I had to give myself a break. I guess I’ll restart with affirmations whenever I’m ready and my downward spiral stops spinning out of control 😭

  10. I can fly like an Eagle, ready to manifest instant success society. Thanks so much … since your program will run for 72 hours, I will find the time to learn “The One Thing”. 🌞💫🌝

  11. Thanks so much for the path you have laid open to share. I am Grateful. I am thankful I came across your channel. All the Best to You … ✨🙏🏻💫

  12. My manifestation has come true recently, and I wish the same kind of manifestation success to the person reading this. Stay blessed✌

  13. I love this message! Thank You for this confirmation. Bless you n your family! Much love n peace

  14. Nothing is more powerful than your mind , scripting never worked for me , but visualising and affirmations did . NGL whenever i feel sick i use one of your affirmation which was actually for wealth but i turned it to “I love the vibration of health” and it instantly raises my vibration and I’m productive thank you Robert ❤️🍀

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