Make Them Reach Out To You NOW! | Law of Assumption

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Make Them Reach Out To You NOW! | Law of Assumption
Make them reach out to you by using the Law of Assumption in these easy steps. Robert Zink reveals how simple it is to get a specific person or a job opportunity to call you.

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If we meet you on the street wearing a Soaring High shirt, you win $100.

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27 thoughts on “Make Them Reach Out To You NOW! | Law of Assumption


    1. @Libby T Perhaps but if I neutrally correct her then she can learn and use the right phrase the next time. Isn’t that a positive thing, to learn and improve? Isn’t this a channel for personal growth?

  2. When Robert Zink says what does it feel like when your SP reaches out to you and they show the lady dancing around. That’s me, exactly. I dance wildly. LOL.

  3. I attract unconditional love this week start right now thank you beautiful Universe thank you beautiful GOD thank you beautiful Mother Gaia ♥️♥️♥️🌻🌻🌻🌕🌕🌕

  4. Thank you Robert, I’m not sure which video it was but I noticed for the past two weeks I’ve been getting complimented and people have been asking for my phone number and social media. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
    Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou

  5. I have been saying Good things are happening to me. Good things are coming my way. Along with other affirmations — Morning and night. It has given me a better outlook for the day ahead. Things are starting to come together for me! Thank you Robert 🙂

  6. This takes years to develop and even more to master, but once developed sufficiently, life becomes a movie, our own movie and we are the STAR 🌟 in it.

  7. I am absolutely worthy of success & having a Fruitful life , along with friends & family ❤️ . Thank you Robert it always feel refreshing to hear & see your video 💙

  8. All my dreams and wishes are coming my way! Extremely grateful to the Universe! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  9. I am worthy and I am soaring high like a big beautiful Eagle. Blessings and luck on this manifesting this to every high flyer.

  10. I literally did this exact technique last night, before this video was even released. I imagined having a relationship with my specific person and focused on how fast my heart was beating. And today, my specific person invited me over to his place and agreed to have me spend the night on a weekend soon. It works!!

  11. I finally received an email reply from the person I was hoping to hear from. But, he made it clear to me that we have too many differences to ever be possible. The main issue is that we have different political beliefs. So, manifesting a fantasy doesn’t always come true. But, at least now, I know where I stand.

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