Jesus truly represents seamless MANIFESTATION. The Holy Trinity from a DIFFERENT perspective.

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20 thoughts on “Jesus truly represents seamless MANIFESTATION. The Holy Trinity from a DIFFERENT perspective.

  1. My manifestation story of the day (have several) happened today, I had come across a road block with receiving scholarship funding and I was being given the turn around and hoops and was ultimately told iI wasn’t gonna get the scholarship because of policies on financial aid and I felt upset and overwhelmed because I have been waiting on this for months and to be told the final answer was gonna be no, “unlikely to be negotiable” I asked my partner and I to pray and then I prayed separately asking source for justice and assistance, and finished my prayer with intent and conviction “and so it shall be” ..20 mins later, i get the call I have been waiting for and the matter finally got sorted and I get my scholarship next week! PS would love a video on PTSD

  2. Omg yes! This video 🤗🤗I’ve had to do a lot of parenting my inner child and one of the crossroads in my spiritual journey has been reconciling the Holy Trinity that everyone seems to pedastalize as unreachable and the Holy Trinity as it is manifested in all of us. Only because being raised Christian you’re not supposed to question anything. But I’ve realized that Jesus is literally telling us how to do it, this life thing lol. He literally pulled an “aight, imma head out” at 13 yo and didn’t come back till he was 30 yo 😂. Balanced, educated, and transformed in isolation.

    I’ve concluded the Holy Trinity is in ALL of us 💫 if we can take the commodification out of religion, get it back to spirituality, the Awakening period will really be something massive!

    Great video! I’m not even Christian really, but Jesus is my guy lol. Love you 💫🖤

  3. Thank you, your stove analogy was def for me as I am navigating my own personal fears! Thank you for doing these types of videos! I seriously love your channel!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾💫✨

  4. Can’t remember what I read but it was basically saying Jesus was telling the people you can do it too, we are all one. We are no different. It was in those words.. I wish I remember what it was lol, but thank you posting and sharing this. There could be someone out there that feels the same way but no one told it, so this is powerful that you posted this.

  5. Thank you so much, beautiful video and I needed it today. Your Affirmation at the end brought me to tears. Thank you and blessings.

  6. I’m always here for more religious spiritual unpacking. I travel a lot and I’m back in N.C a.K.a the Bible Belt and I don’t miss the pressure and indoctrination of having to go to church then when you get in church that’s not good enough I need to speak in tongues and performative praise and worship!! 👼🏿

  7. I appreciate your Christianity videos too. The aesthetics & the stories / language have stuck with me since childhood & I’m constantly trying to figure out how to gracefully balance that with my increasingly unique worldview. Us as the son is similar to where I am.

  8. A reason I watch you is because you do believe in God and stand proudly by it without all the negative weight that stereotypical Christianity has. Thank you and love all your videos so much. You have helped me on my manifestation journey more than you know 🙏

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