if you’re sick of being BROKE, watch this.

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if you're sick of being broke and you want to improve your personal finances, watch this video a few times…

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22 thoughts on “if you’re sick of being BROKE, watch this.

    1. Thank You For Sending The Email You believe in Me! Much Needed!! Blessings to You And Family❤

  1. Your Neuroprogrammer accelerated my future home and businesses. Relocated, perfect people, perfect time and perfect circumstances.

  2. Thank you, Jake, as always! I give my talents with love and I am wonderfully blessed financially! ✨

  3. Thank You ! I have this on repeat in my brain and being now. I made 70, 000. a year ago now I make almost $100,000 a year. You have helped so much to get rid of the anailasis peralise. I had. I wake up in the morning and i think what will get me closer to my goal and do that only. THANKS JAKE!

  4. Still learning to cut people lose. Letting the users down is still hard to do. Your videos are truly helpful. Nice sound track btw.

  5. “You make me smile! Thank you, Jake!”♥️🐝🎶🦋💛💚💙

  6. It is my right to be rich. Money has ears and comes to me when I call. I give my talents with love and I am I am Blessed financially..Thanks Jake. Best day ever

  7. Thank you God it’s my right to be rich I accept it and allow it to be and so it is.

  8. Thank you Jake, great insight and advice and I’m using some of this in my work>. I’m finding now more than ever the value of adding value and how today the paradigm is shifting from the old programming of receiving money in exchange for your time to receiving money in exchange for the value you add to your job, your business, to other people, businesses etc…this is actually huge…this mindset will make a big difference because the hours you can work and the money you can receive in exchange are limited but the value you can add to the world is limitless .

  9. The difference between “wanting” and “desiring” is that wanting is ego based based on a belief of separation and lack where “desire” is Spirit’s way of urging itself to create something amazing through you. I got this concept from my guides long before I knew it’s latin for “of the father” but now I know why. Cool. thank you again brother Jake.

  10. Thank you, for the last week I have said that statement to myself “I’m sick of being broke” & felt so low then this video pops up, I’m so grateful ❤

  11. It’s my right to be rich! Money has ears and hears when I call it! I give my talents with love, and I am wonderfully blessed financially 🙏🏾

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