If You Want To CHANGE THE WORLD & Make An Impact, WATCH THIS! | Matt Damon & Gary White

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27 thoughts on “If You Want To CHANGE THE WORLD & Make An Impact, WATCH THIS! | Matt Damon & Gary White

  1. Amazing, when you have so little and are Still looking to a great Future.

    I pray she may be blessed and get to fulfill her dream!!!

    Praying for closer CLEANER water for them ALL!!!!!!

  2. Will watch this later, first feeling is wow, thank you so much for all connecting and working together ❤😀😊😄☺ excited and happy about it

  3. I am definitely agreeing with the need of clean water and sanitation, for all people, that would definitely help all people.
    Love how this what said, not verbatim by Gary, life is definitely about life’s greatest need and our life’s intersections of what we can do to help our world.
    43 million people impacted is incredible!

  4. Thank you Matt and Garry to care enough to help others. May you secure the support of leaders and other large corporations that can financially fund and support your work to provide clean water (life) to others. If all movie stars could give back like you we would have a changed planet. Thank you 🙏🏻

  5. I agree that there are still places in the Philippines that still lack water, and Thanks for helping our “kababayan” (fellow citizen). We in the Philippines are still blessed in that most cities or towns we have, have a Water company that pumps water into our pipes so we get water coming out of our taps., which we obviously have to pay for. This kind of system came as part of the American way, since we until 1946, were an American territory.

  6. Dear Lewis, I simply wish to honor you. So often I turn to your podcast, i.e, YouTube channel to simply watch your face and the grace, kindness, and joy that emerges. You inspire me to be a total canvass of pure joy and represent the only law of life which is LOVE. Perhaps the various guests with all of their ideas will touch me with something. Today, I am eternally grateful for the rare gift of just seeing the joy of life coming from your face. Thank you.

  7. Hey let’s start talking about the corruption that prevents these places from accessing water…I live in W.Africa and deal with this problem daily. We often have water outages and definitely not modern sanitation. These organizations are also corrupt and do not use the greater part of their funding to actually create the change. Abidjan for example has a government that has let the U.N. call the shots and yet very little has changed and typhoid is a reality here…

  8. Thank you so much this is truly inspiring and engenders hope. Please could you add the details to purchase the book.

  9. Great job Lewis at booking a high caliber celebrity like Matt Damon. Next on the list, get Will Smith.

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