I became a Millionaire @ 27, by doing this ONE THING

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I became a Millionaire @ 27, by doing this ONE THING

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In this video, I break down how I stopped getting in the way of my own success. We exist on 3 planes (physical, mental, and spiritual). But in order for things to happen on the physical, things have to shift on the mental and spiritual planes. The physical plane is a mirror that reflects back to you what's going on mentally and spiritually. For most people, they live from the physical senses, and they are unaware of what's going on mentally and spiritually. That's why Earl Nightingale used to say 'if most people said what they were thinking, they would be speechless."

I spent all my time living in the mental world. Then Bob Proctor asked a question, "Does your thinking control your bank account, or does you bank account control your thinking?"

I spent all my time being controlled financially by my 5 physical senses. But I was driving myself crazy, and i finally decided to let go of all the anxiety i was creating for myself. This is really what the law of attraction is about. Then I read a book called "You are a Bada$$ At Making Money." And I learned something powerful "Money has ears and it hears when you call it."

I thought about it.. I was not calling money and financial abundance into my life. Everything I was doing was out of feeling broke. i did not want to be broke, and my desire to not be broke left me in a state of fear and anxiety. that fear and anxiety covered everything i was doing. when i finally let go of it, everything i was already doing started working. i was always wondering why it was not working. i was thinking i needed to do something different. i needed a new mentor. i needed a new strategy. i needed to try something new. BUT what I ACTUALLY needed, was to get out of my own way mentally and spiritually. and when i did, i started to attract what i wanted, and i learned how to make money.

I became a Millionaire @ 27, by doing this ONE THING


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22 thoughts on “I became a Millionaire @ 27, by doing this ONE THING

  1. Only measuring your progress from inside out and not from outside in, that’s really a major key. 😊👍🗝️

  2. As an entrepreneur I remember on my 6th sales conversation on zoom on my 6th try I let go mentally and gave up mentally and committed to not expecting anything. Just committed to asking my ethical skilled questions to make sure someone is a good fit to work with me. I found out months afterwards that I was leaning forward in my chair and giving off fear energy when everyone said no initially the first 5 tries. And on the 6th try I was leaning back just committed to continuing the physical actions necessary to sign my first client last year! Exactly what Jake is talking about. Thanks Jake! ❤️ 🙏

  3. Absolutely love this! Reminds me of some recent insights I had with regards to affirmations, for scenarios or manifestations that are awkward to word in present tense, word it as a past tense event to cement in your mind that it has already happened, concrete it in your mind that the scenario you are bringing in has already occurred which helps you to embody the energy and emotions of what you desire. Also utilize an affirmation to make you believe you are worth what you desire and get rid of any beliefs of what you are worth. I like to use “I allow myself to experience/feel/have xyz etc”. I don’t wish to bust the energy buildup of what I’m bringing into my life but I’ll say, right now I feel a much greater degree of worthiness and knowledge that it has already happened than when I first started working with manifesting a few years ago

    Money has ears and it runs to me when I call 😎

  4. Thank you Jake. I really needed to hear this right now! I’ve been using hypnosis for the past few weeks as I sleep I am also reading I’m a badass at making money and think and grow rich at the moment! Looking forward to seeing my progress. I’m going all in with that burning desire! It is all going to work out for me 🙌

  5. I used similar things to heal a lifelong illness doctors couldn’t help and basically I made the reality of wellness and comfort more real in my mind than the physical torture I was living year after year..and used affirmations and sleep programs and after 3 years I stopped the medications for good so I’m working on applying these techniques, many I made up and then later on realized Joe dispenza and many others were doing very similar things. Anyway I’m saying this as a way of saying I know this all works..I just have a lot of money programming I’m clearing and it’s getting better…thank you for all your help Jake.

  6. Spot on. This reminds me of something taught in martial arts known as the “flow state”, but it can be applied to anything. I remember Abe Hicks even said that we become the strongest versions of ourselves when we realize we don’t need that goal to survive. And yes, you actually have to be in a mind set where you are willing to die tomorrow without reaching your goal, because that removes all resistance.

  7. Hello Jake , the more i listen to you the more peacefull and confident on my self i become , I become dependent on your video every day i have to listen to you and right down and i repete again and again …. i m so Greatfull and Thankfull for all your wounderfull advices .. God Bless you allways 🙏🙏🙏 ….Of course money has years now i m sure of that 👍👍👍

  8. I’m with you Jake. Money has ears and it comes when I call it!!!
    Thank you for these encouraging videos Jake! 😀

  9. Another awesome
    video Jake, and a job well done!
    I love Bob’s discription of Hill’s definition of a worthy ideal. I asked him personally once, “Bob what is a worthy ideal?” You know what he said? “Larry, simply put, a worthy ideal is an idea that you have fallen in love with” ❤️

  10. Thank you for explaining the fear paradigm. I am actually using this for my dating life as well. I appreciate the new insight and will probably listen to this several times! ✨🙏🏼❤️

  11. Money has ears and it hears when you call. Money comes and flows to me from all different sources easily, naturally & unexpectedly! Thank you Jake!

  12. This was a great video, Jake. I will be embarking on your “hypnosis” program tonight. This was a true treasure…..

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