How To Use Placebos To Manifest Anything You Want | REALLY WORKS FAST!

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Successful Manifesting Using Placebos.
Placebos teach us the power of the mind to create reality. Robert Zink explains how placebos work using the Law of Attraction. Discover how to make your own placebo and use it to manifest the love you crave or the dream career you need. This is a powerful technique to manifest anything you desire.

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30 thoughts on “How To Use Placebos To Manifest Anything You Want | REALLY WORKS FAST!

  1. To the *incredible person* that’s seeing this, I wish you all the best in life❤ don’t over blame yourself, accept things and go forward. Don’t let others define what “success” is for you. Get up, learn the skills needed and get after it, all the keys to a happy life is in your hands. Just allow grace to let it in.

    1. Sooo. True! My dad used to see female patients at hospital..who thought they were pregnant thoug they were not! But months at the hospital..of course their belly grew to the max…and than..would go down as soon as they started to realize there was no baby after the nine months! Unbelievable!

  2. Good morning from my end, I’m now listening to this video. Hoping for the best in my life, whatever the universe(God) has in store for me and whomever else is seeking happiness. Wherever you are. Just pray and wait for your blessings. Whatever is meant for you no one can take it from you. 🙋🏽‍♀️ 🙏 🦋 🙂

  3. Hi Robert and Rachael, hope u r well. I am so glad that I have found your channel, I have been taking your advice and listening to the meditations and you have helped my state of mind totally. Sending you both much love xxx

  4. Love always wins and all our desires will come true, cause that’s why they even came to our minds. 💖✨ And circumstances don’t even matter a little bit, no matter what they are. What if you are your SP’s secret SP? Think about it. 😊 Happy manifesting everyone! 😊

    1. Let me get you back to reality. Love does not always win. And I have had many wishes in my life and most of them never came.


  6. I just bought a beautiful butterfly ring.After seeing this I thought I really need to wear this ring.Butterflys mean new beginnings!Thanks for this video!

  7. I wear a wooden heart I found at a goodwill 10+ years ago. I meditate on my intention while holding the heart near mine and focusing on the candle flame. Then I dip my thumb into the wax and press it against the back of the heart, leaving my thumbprint to seal the intention.

  8. Thank you. I discovered your channel this year and since then I am flying high.. I have achieved a lot and I believe there’s more to come. Thank you so much and thank you Rachel. Shalom

  9. I have to tell you, Robert. As I was laying in bed this morning, I was doing my little morning ritual I do before I get up. I say a little prayer to myself asking the Universe, and spirit guides to,”Help me stay in full alignment with love vibration. To help me me a transmitter of love to all I see or come across today.” Then after that, my mind started thinking. The word, “PLACEBO”, it honest to God, entered my mind. I get outta bed, turn on YouTube. YOUR VIDEO WAS THE VERY FIRST THING I SAW POP UP!!!Thank you, beautiful Universe for Robert’s video!❤❤❤

    1. Synchronicity. I was thinking how I needed the benefit of a placebo just yesterday afternoon. Here is this video today.

  10. I have lots of placebos but my faves are: I say “whenever I look at food and eat whatever I want I tend to lose weight” (this is true cause I can literally eat whatever I want and not gain weight). Also, my peloton is a placebo. I always say whenever I ride the next day I lose a lot of weight. And it always happens! The minute I see that I need to lose a few pounds I just go on my peloton and the next day I literally lose like 10 pounds🙌🏽 And every time I wash my face at night I say it makes my skin look younger and more beautiful the next morning. I no longer deal with dry skin, acne, etc.

  11. Exactly, it wasn’t about putting new carpet in that changed the vibration, It was the belief that the carpet would change the vibration that changed it… Its always from the inside out. Everything outside of us is a manifestation of our inner dialogue… In other words our outside reality is a reflection of our inner thoughts, beliefs, and feeling emotions. What we perceive as our reality becomes our reality and than we look for confirmation that our reality is indeed real by involving others and those others validate our reality as well so it becomes more real, but the real reality is that you attracted those people who are on the same frequency you are on so yes they will also experience the same reality as a result.

  12. Yes all of the pictures and things my family and friends have given me are PLACEBOS.. THATS why I love the things around my home. I feel close to people when they are not there. Just never thought of it that way… Love your videos…

  13. I am doing the letter in the pillow case with the requests that i need and the thank you, thank you, thank you * 9 times. It has been 2 weeks and still waiting for my believes to come forward.I am following your foot steps and your way of thinking.Sighned Adriana🌹

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