How To Manifest With Law of Assumption | Love, Money, Success | 1000x More Powerful

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How To Manifest With Law of Assumption | Love, Money, Success | 1000x More Powerful
The Law of Assumption is a powerful tool for manifesting when you combine it with the Law of Attraction. Robert Zink will give you 3 assumptions that will boost your manifesting power. In this powerful Law of Assumption video, Robert Zink will also give you 5 steps to boost your manifestation up to 1000x.

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23 thoughts on “How To Manifest With Law of Assumption | Love, Money, Success | 1000x More Powerful

  1. To the *worthwhile person* seeing this, your dream is not dead. Don’t allow the past and current pains and hurts stop and define you. You’re more than a conqueror. Rise up and put yourself together. Keep pushing your future depends on it. I wish you all the best in life ❤️. Just allow grace to let it in.

  2. I moved into my new apartment and got everything I could ever need and want thank you Robert for your miracle mentoring 🧘🏽‍♂️

  3. For any manifestation there’s just these two things!!!
    1. You first be the energy you want to attract (you are love and you attract love , you are insecure and toxic you obviously attract what you are ) so everything is within us !
    2. Be patient , you know the result of the manifestation and live your desired life like it already happened.

  4. “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” This sentence is very powerful as it summarises the Law of Assumtion In a very very simple way!
    What seems new to us( most of us may have doubts about it) has been practiced for many many years with ease and simplicity by the ancients! Egypt and India both had multiplicity of gods and goddesses. Before these dieties the ancients used to assume a particular aspect of manifestation with utmost faith and belief and rendered that aspect into our 3d world. Common people regarded these acts as magic but actually these are the fruits of very very deep profound belief. The ancient Egyptian gods are no longer worshipped in Egypt but in India the tradition of worshipping many gods and goddesses still
    ln practice. I worship many dieties. Often I have followed this trail- blazer process with great result! Not always the path showed by the ancients are simple but believe me if you understand where they gave value to a manifesting aspect and the belief that make manifestation happen, the results will going to baffle you! You will not be the same tomorrow!
    Happy manifesting journey to all of you, folks!


  5. Hi Robert pleaaaaase make a video for students my exams are so close and I really want to manifest good grades 🙏

  6. It’s so important that we take care of our own needs without sacrificing our well-being to satisfy and please others. When you can, take breaks if need to, meditate, take a walk and be kind to yourself for the practice of self-care. Do whatever makes you feel that inner peace and calmness that’s needed for your mental health and overall well-being.
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  7. Thanks Robert a1000 times 💖you made my day I can feel your positive vibes everytime 💐💐💐💐

  8. Really nice content. I watched a lot of your videos. And I’m looking forward to seeing some new 10-20 min meditation videos. To raise my vibration easily.☺️

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