How To Avoid Getting Scammed, Cheated, Exploited, Conned, and Screwed In Life

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Practical tips to avoid getting scammed in life. The psychology of con artistry and how to inoculate yourself against it.

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25 thoughts on “How To Avoid Getting Scammed, Cheated, Exploited, Conned, and Screwed In Life

  1. Thank you Leo for your videos, I’m learning soo much from them!!
    Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia❤

    1. Is Leo a spiritual teacher or is he a spiritual ? 🤔

      If you are uncertain of the distinction between the two, I shall be MORE than happy to enlighten you. 😇

  2. Funny enough I just recently got scammed at my job and fired because of it, I felt like the dumbest person alive and worthless as I’ve always struggled to keep a job, can’t wait to see what I learn from your video

  3. I just received an email from my college about a job opportunity and was looking it up to see if it was a scam. Went on a post on reddit saying it was a scam (/r/Scams), then to my youtube subscription feed and this video is the most recent. Coincidence lol??

  4. Leo, I didn’t even watch the video yet, but I just want to express my gratitude for the work you’ve been doing.

    I’ve stumbled upon your channel back in 2018 looking to heal from childhood trauma, wondering what human love is to broaden my knowledge.
    And since then I’ve been growing in the ways that I couldn’t even see being possible.

    Concepts of “Going Meta” and “Burning through Karma” along with your Self-Deception series and Spiral Dynamics series have had an exceptionally meaningful impact.
    I feel like I maybe understood a 0.001% of it. But it has changed my life’s direction forever.

    Thank you, Leo Gura.

    1. Yes I love the spiral dynamics one and many others, let’s keep it up and not lose sight of truth


    I’ve learned so much from you📖📖

  6. hello leo, have a good day ……….really excited for this one , because I am that fool you described in 2nd quote

  7. My family has conned me but only when I am down in some way like I have been sick or something bad has happened to me in some way. I moved away from them about 10 years ago now.

  8. Every industry is filled with scams the end!

    great video with lots of details as always!

    My dad called me the other day and said my amazon account was hacked and a 3000 dollar purchase was made, I checked

    and there was no such thing, and checked my bank statement and nothing. Told him doesn’t look like it. So we realized this

    person was trying to our info to help us with a “problem” that didn’t exist.!

  9. I talked with someone recently who wants to buy a suit that makes his muscles contract by electric impulse. He thinks he’s gonna get ripped with it. I told him it’s a scam he almost got offended. Then i realized it makes zero sense to talk people out of being scammed because they will hate you actually not the scammer.

    Scammers have a huge psychological edge namely that people just hate to admit being scammed. So they stay in a scammed situation for longer than necessary and even after having to admit the scam they are much more apologetic to the scammer than they should be.

  10. Leo,as always you nail it so hard its a wonder all of your knockoff imitation content makers can’t remotely reach the depths of your authentic radical truthfulness thank you!

  11. You’re a legend Leo. I’m never not thrilled to see another video from you. Thanks for everything man!

  12. Just started watching this video. The title itself tells me that this is going to be a masterpiece! Hopefully, I won’t get scammed.

    1. No, you will be scammed. You can have the knowledge and still get scammed. Expect it and shield yourself against it.
      Even Leo with his knowledge of potentially loosing thousands of Dollars in his leads business couldn’t shield himself.

  13. I know exactly what you’re talking about. The sad part of knowing, is that I learned it from my experience (because I’m 50 now). I wish there was a way I could transfer this knowledge to my Daughter….

  14. Rise above taking advantage of others as a way to “better” yourself. This will never better you. Only keep you trapped in a sick cycle.

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