How Long Should A High Ticket Signature Program Be? – The High Ticket Expert Show E2

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Dan Lok has done high-ticket coaching programs for many years and tested all kinds of lengths. Find out how long works the best for your signature coaching program here.

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0:40 Your high ticket signature program should be long but short enough. Find out what that means here.
1:13 What are the lengths of programs Dan Lok has tried before and what worked.
2:53 How Dan Lok discovered the ideal length of a high ticket signature program and why it works.
4:05 What is the only exception for making your high ticket signature program longer?

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  1. Dan needs to start making vids like these again, whereby he’s the one teaching. They’re the only ones I believe most ppl will watch. Not some computerized voice reading a script and the video showing stock photos/clips.

    1. Dan you’re the great mentor! you have made me discovering the mistakes I used to do

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