How Josh Peck LOST 100+ POUNDS & Overcame ADDICTION For Success | Lewis Howes

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Josh Peck has established himself as one of Hollywood’s rising talents, making the seamless transition from child actor to leading man. He’s starred in feature films such as Mean Creek alongside Rory Culkin (2004), The Wackness beside Ben Kingsley (2008), Red Dawn alongside Chris Hemsworth (2012), Dany Collins with Al Pacino, Annette Benning, and Jennifer Garner (2016), Take The 10 with Andy Samberg and Fred Armisen (2017), Netflix’s The Musical, co-starring Debra Messing, out later this year, and much more.

You can next see Josh Peck in the highly anticipated Hulu series, How I Met Your Father, and in the iCarly Reboot on Paramount+. Josh is best known for his role on the Nickelodeon phenomenon Drake & Josh (2004-2007) for which he received a Kids’ Choice Nomination. You can find him on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. He has 32.6 million fans across social media.

I’m SO excited to share this wide-ranging and deep conversation with Josh Peck. He was so generous with his time and attention, and I’m already excited to talk to him again. Without further ado, let’s jump into Episode 1,261 of The School of Greatness!


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40 thoughts on “How Josh Peck LOST 100+ POUNDS & Overcame ADDICTION For Success | Lewis Howes

  1. I found the best way for me to lose weight is fasting. Fasting helps me lose weight faster than eating healthy or exercising alone and i haven’t lost my muscles.

    1. A kcal deficit is a kcal deficit, CiCo holds true in any method, so choose one that’s easy for you to do

    2. ​@LiquidfirePUA I completely agree with you on trying to find what works best for you. In my case, I like challenging myself. I love to discipline myself in whatever way, and I really enjoy winning the fight between my ego and me. I don’t just like to be disciplined; I love it. It’s a real enjoyment for me to do what might sound hard or impossible, and then to find the perfect equation to create the balance I want with how I communicate with my ego. Just in case you’re interested—I actually do these things all the time–like taking a cold shower every day for years, or not eating sugar at all. These things helped me get to the point where I’m not following anything blindly—I experiment on myself. If you have any more questions about this stuff, just ask!

    3. ​@Perfect Pitch I believe That you have been noticing some changes on the way you feel, more focused and clear mind. Don’t you?

    4. @INYOUALL Absolutely !! I usually skip dinners and even if I am exhausted I always get up on time. My Attention span to things have increased. My appetite is nowhere it was earlier and Overall I feel great!!! Im glad you can see the results too !! All the best on your weightloss journey !!

  2. I literally cant thank you enough for all that you do Lewis! You are my every morning carpool podcast. My co workers and I listen every morning and we are all living deeper more meaningful lives because every morning we all choose to open our hearts and our minds to do and be better greater people. You are our guide and we are so greatful!

    1. @Lewis Howes Honestly, I’m so proud of all that you’ve accomplished and continue to do. You emulate exactly what I want for myself! Work hard and gain all that we can to be better humans.

  3. Was just having a thought conversation with myself, man I don’t want to go back to my past self, my past mistakes, new me who dis. And lo and behold this video!

  4. Thank you for talking about music!! Yayyy!! It totally is like having a magical skill ♥️🎶 How neat that your dad was an opera singer!!

  5. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more #Greatness in your life and let me know what your biggest takeaways are from this video!

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  6. 🌱 “ You know, it feels good to be next..Sometimes, I get out of a line, let the person in front of me go ahead. Just so I can be next again❣️”
    Oh it feels so good❣️
    Nice show guys.
    Thanks for sharing.

    And please do remember..
    We are worth more, than the sum of our parts.

  7. Wow! I’m so amazed that you know about Christian Science! I was raised with that religion…glad I have that background, but it’s fun to explore the world and figure out what you believe and what works for you

  8. Loved this episode. Didn’t expect to ever see Josh on one of these but it was enjoyable. The second guy was great too

  9. This entire interview had me cracking up! Both of your personalities / humor are GOLD 🤣💙

  10. Great interview – thank you Lewis! You are an inspiration and have the best guests! Your questions are so thoughtful and you are so present in your conversations 🥰

  11. The part about permission hits so close to home, as an actress on a small island with few job opportunities, starting my own YouTube space has freed me from creative restrictions. My soul can breathe again and no one can tell me NO. 💕

  12. Lewis! Love your videos. What kind of therapist or physician are you working with doing the emotional accountability work? Wondering if you seeked out specifically an “emotional accountability” professional.

  13. Josh is awesome, he is a truly decent man, who stayed humbled and healthy throughout all of the temptations that would come with fame and money. I could see him being a good friend in real life. Excellent conversation

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