How can one handle frustration, ego and toxic behavior ?-Sadhguru

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We often counter people with toxic personality or negative attitude . we also tend to become frustrated by ourselves as well. How can one handle such situations ?
Don't worry Sadhguru will guide you.
In this video he talks about ego , and how one can easily tackle it by simply admitting the fact that if he or she is upset we have to look at ourselves and not think that outside person is responsible for the our situation.
Watch the complete video to understand what we need to do in such situations.


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9 thoughts on “How can one handle frustration, ego and toxic behavior ?-Sadhguru

  1. *5 Ways To Raise Your Vibration:*

    1. When emotions are high, intelligence is low. Make decisions with balanced emotions.

    2. Before raising your vibrations, practice techniques like self love, gratitude and dance.

    3. Place your hands on your heart and remember all the things you’re grateful for.

    4. Play some amazing music and get your body moving and when you feel the joy but your mind is a chaos.

    5. To calm your mind, take a deep breath keep on practicing and then set your intentions or wishes with the highest vibration.

    ~Much Love from a Law of Attraction YouTuber💜

  2. Well said guruji , one more thing actually it’s now true that we are being constantly judged, be it Facebook photos, whatsapp DP, status updates, Insta posts…
    The technology which was once enjoyed Just for the sake of sharing information about us, as family, as colleagues, organization, etc, our functions, events, festival celebrations, etc etc

    1. And this is creating a constant tension among us, to compare with others photos, achievements, etc and keep on pushing ourselves for better than others… every time…
      At times I strongly believe that we are again slaves…slaves of technology… which is letting us forget our normal life, simple pleasures, conversation with family members, neighbours, society, and enjoying festivals…
      but just sticking to our phone,lappy, iPad, what not…
      Though I’m an AI professional, teach people to build softwares, but somewhere I feel that this is the time to reconcile our very being, to teach people nothing is the end of the world, learning should be not only technical, but to become better individuals

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