Guided Sleep Meditation to Fall Asleep in 20 Minutes ~ Dark Screen Voice Only No Music

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Listen to this guided sleep meditation to fall asleep in 20 minutes, for when you want to fall asleep fast each bedtime. This sleep meditation is spoken with voice only guiding suggestions, to encourage your mind and body's rapid relaxation, into a deep, calm and easy sleep.

As an enhanced sleep talk down, this sleep meditation experience uses a completely dark screen and no background music, to help you focus purely upon the spoken words. Your subconscious mind will receive all of the positive messages, to allow you to relax all thoughts, calm away tensions, and to drift and dream very quickly into your most replenishing, night time's deepest sleep.

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This sleep meditation is an edited and abridged version of my previously released track:
"Guided Sleep Meditation for the Miracle of Starlight Sleep"
You can find this original and longer version with sleep music here:


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This sleep meditation is a form of guided sleep relaxation and enhanced sleep talk down to calm the mind and body for a nightly sleep of healing, inner peace.

This sleep meditation may be repeated as often as you choose, to strengthen and reinforce all of your positive intentions for your easiest relaxation into rapid sleep, as your subconscious awareness helps you to fall asleep fast.

This bedtime session is suitable for repeated listening. Regular listening to sleep hypnosis and sleep meditation will help compound all positive suggestions for your own mind, body and spirit's all night healing results.

The ending of this session will offer suggestions for drifting and dreaming into peaceful, refreshing and rejuvenating dreams, for your ultimate in self healing, deep sleep.

Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery.

Peace & Enjoy!

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Original vocals and video by Michael Sealey, Copyright © 2022. All Rights Reserved.


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