Guided Sleep Meditation for The Miracle of Starlight Sleep

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Welcome to this guided sleep meditation to enjoy the nightly miracle of starlight sleep, with spoken suggestions for progressive relaxation accompanied with a soundscape of soothing background sleeping music for your slumber time's rapid satisfaction.

Hi, this is Michael Sealey, and you know one of the most incredible experiences that all of us as human beings can experience, each and every regular night, is truly the miracle of a good night’s deep and long lasting sleep.

The abilities of our bodies and our minds to recover, to repair, to replenish and to heal – all by ourselves – purely due to our own natural and resting physiology and neurology, I think is something remarkable. There is so much in our lives that really can be better solved and addressed with simply the experience of having just a great night of uninterrupted, healing sleep.

In this sleep focused guided mediation, I’d like to invite you to simply rest and relax, as you create for yourself an experience of falling rapidly into your night of a miraculous, idyllic stretch of deeply healing and soothing sleep.

In this sleep meditation recording I’ll be using the metaphor of a shining light of beautiful star beams, to help you to progressively relax. After that, you will hear some positive suggestions, or sleep affirmations, if you will, to really set you up for a great and happy day whenever you wake again in the morning or tomorrow.

This guided sleep meditation combines the gentle techniques of positive visualization, progressive relaxation, body scan awareness, and self hypnosis suggestions – to allow a more comfortable, and quite rapid, deepening relaxation into those blissful states of both the mind and body's total calm; for your ideal night of perfectly restful, easiest sleep.

As always, I hope you that you will relax completely as you enjoy this guided journey towards your positive experiences of the nightly miracle of your wonderful and best, deepest sleep 🙂

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This session is suitable for repeated listening. Regular listening to sleep meditation and sleep hypnosis will help compound all positive suggestions for your own holistic healing results.

The ending of this session will offer suggestions for drifting and dreaming into a peacefully deep, refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. This track is also suitable for relieving symptoms of insomnia, depression, anxiety, overthinking and rumination.

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Original vocals and video by Michael Sealey copyright © 2022

Sleep Music track credits:
"Daydreams" & "The Core" – by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.


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27 thoughts on “Guided Sleep Meditation for The Miracle of Starlight Sleep

  1. I wanted to create for you a truly relaxing experience with this guided sleep meditation, to help you to fall asleep into a positive and healing rest; so I hope tonight you can rest well, as you enjoy a sense of starlight peace, bringing you that incredible miracle of your most wonderful and calmest sleep. Please feel free to subscribe to my channel here:
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    1. Michael on a separate note. I must thank you for your stop smoking vid it’s helped so much..
      23 years smoking around 40 a day.
      3 days clean now. Am listening again now as I sleep to drive it home.
      I never thought I would quit, I really felt stuck.
      Thank you so much and all the best my friend 🙂

    2. Michael, perfect timing as usual. THANK YOU 💛 I’ve been experiencing insomnia and great difficulties sleeping for the past couple months. I feel soooo run down and we’re moving in 3 days so no time to feel like the walking dead! My husband has picked up a new subconscious habit…SNORING LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN!!! Hoping this helps all who listen. Much Love beautiful souls 💛

  2. Most of these DONT work on me… three minute into this and I feel half asleep! Kudos Michael!!! I am a tough one to get to sleep…. Thank so much 🙏 💕

  3. Michael you are such a gift. One month ago I was having panic attacks and I found your videos. I started listening almost daily and today I am literally happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve been waiting for you to post so I can comment right away and you can see it. 🙂 You changed my life forever. Thank you so much for bringing me peace.

  4. Haven’t been able to sleep much at in the past five days… I’m so glad that I decided to pick my phone back up to see you had a new video posted. Hopeful that it will get me to sleep soon. Thank you for all your beautiful work in helping those if us who struggle with anxiety, depression, insomnia and sleep deprivation. God bless 🤍😊

  5. It’s 3:10am in England rn, today I had the worst panic attack I’ve had so far, I’m only just feeling comfortable enough to rest and then this notification popped up on my phone. You have the timing of an angel sir. You’ve saved my mind on many occasions and tonight you’ve done it again. Could truly never repay you, Michael, thank you.

    1. It’s now 4.30am and I’ve just discovered this. I hope you’re sleeping well now. 💤💤

  6. I’m so thankful for you and all of your sleep videos. I struggle with falling asleep unless I listen to you!

  7. ✅Its been a few years ago: your meditations had helped me get through a rough part of my life. I found myself able to relax and sleep. Which led me to have the doctors take me off medications I no longer needed. And sad to say, I did not need to listen to your recordings. However: I hope this testimony helps others trust in your meditations. It does truly help. Thank you. 🙂

  8. This is a phenomenal guided meditation and I wish to thank you for sharing this with us all.

  9. Thank you Michael. It’s been 7 years I am listening to you. Depending of what I am feeling in my life, I choose the video according to it to listen and have a wonderful end of day in your company. I feel confident that I will sleep with your calming voice. No matter what I have been through during my day.
    Thank you again so much for your work and thank you much more for what you are giving us.

  10. Michael I listen to the videos EVERYNIGHT……and it works beyond all I could imagine…even when I am having problems.. thank you…please continue the work that you are doing…

  11. Your videos are such a comfort and blessing I can’t thank you enough. Can I request more voice only- as it’s what I find most effective… maybe some others too? But you have so much you already offer and I’m truly am appreciative!

  12. Michael, may I ask if you could create a morning meditation. Most of us experience anxiety as we wake up and I think that a meditation to start the day would be immensely helpful. Thank you 🙏🏻

  13. Thank you for a new recording! I love each and every one and recently had a completely fabulous experience melting into the bubble in the Can you Imagine the color Blue recording! I never miss a night listening to your healing and helpful voice.

  14. This could possibly be just in my mind, but, Michael, your voice sounds lighter than usual. I hope that is true and you are doing better than ever. I know this mediation will help me feel lighter and hopefully better than ever so thank you.

  15. These Meditations help me relax all unnecessary tightness and really help promote healing Thank You Michael Sealey your the Best

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