Fulfilled Fridays: “It all happened in a matter of days!”

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20 thoughts on “Fulfilled Fridays: “It all happened in a matter of days!”

  1. “I am worthy of unconditional love” got me cryin’. Qw Q These Fulfilled Friday collections are so inspiring. Thank you, Dominique!!! 💜💜💜

  2. Hi Dom, love these fulfilled Friday videos. Great way to start the weekend. They raise my vibration so so much💗I prefer the live videos better.

  3. Dominique you are so beautiful inside and out and i truly appreciate all what you have to offer to this world ❤️

  4. I looove listening to other’s manifestation stories <3 I get chills every time, feel so happy for everyone, and they boost my mood! Thank you for doing this Dominique!

  5. I could listen to an entire video of you repeating this affirmations. Your words and voice felt so good and so healing. Thank you!

  6. My most recent manifestation story: It’s a bit long but this solidified my trust in the universe.
    I’ve been transitioning financially. (its been rough but I see the light) I set my intention and surrendered to God’s will. I received the message to have sip & make events instructing individuals making jewelry. I created a flyer, picked a date and released it to the public the next day. I did not have a space just a general area that I knew had a lot of affordable spaces. I knew that it would all work out, I did not stress I just surrendered.
    In my search for a space I asked my friend to use his studio but he only had chairs. A couple weeks prior I had a photo shoot at a studio and the guy was really nice and accommodating. I was originally a bit annoyed about having to use his space for the photo shoot because it was a extra expensive that I didn’t want at the time. Fast forward I end up asking him to use his studio for my event he says yes, it’s cheaper than all the other spaces, and perfect location. However, he only had tables not chairs. So my friend allowed me to use his chairs but I needed a way to get them all the way to the event space in Brooklyn. A couple days before the event my friend tells me she is going to attend and her mother was out of town so we were able to use her mom’s truck to transport the chairs. I needed a team to capture footage for promo purposes and I asked one of my videographer friends to come and in exchange his girlfriend attended for free and his photographer friend asked to attend for free in exchange for photos.
    Everything worked out PERFECTLY with little effort on my part and people had a blast. Even down to the seating arrangement, The tables were a but smaller than I expected but 1 person ended up not coming so everyone fit perfectly.

  7. ..€xcellent, Black & Mind Bendy!!!”✨💯✨ “The Devine Affirmation Book 📚€ye Need it, In My life ASAP!!!”🎶👑🎶

  8. I love these stories!! Shae experiencing the feeling of getting her purse back sent chills through my body, been there done that. It is not yet an amazing feeling but powerful. ✨ Good for you girl! 🎉

  9. This is so fulfilling and inspiring ❤️

    I literally just had a convo with self saying how love is infinite! I’ve always felt that love was calculated and could run out but I’m learning that it’s infinite and flows. This is powerful.

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these stories!! Thank you to everyone who shared! I needed these reminders! God bless you all!!

  11. Squeee! I am so glad you received my message. What’s interesting is that I originally wrote a super long comment but something weird happened and it disappeared 🤣 Nonetheless, you NAILED it. That’s exactly what happened. I was tired of the same old mess and I had a moment wherein I made an absolute decision. To go from being fired from a department store for setting a boundary about my time, to manifesting my first client as a freelancer, to dazzling my way into an offer for a permanent position in management within days/weeks…With no degree, no portfolio, and no experience. I’m CACKLING 🤣

    A comment doesn’t do it justice! Maybe I’ll do a video about it. But right now, I’m gonna go do some more scripting!

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