Famous Comedian REVEALS Psychological Trick To Be Confident In ANY SITUATION | Andrew Schulz

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My guest today is one of the hottest standup comedians in the industry right now. His name is Andrew Schulz and I think he’s a case study for following your dreams in a strategic way, persevering through the “down times”, and turning insecurities into sources of confidence. And now, please help me welcome the one-and-only, Andrew Schulz, to The School of Greatness!


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32 thoughts on “Famous Comedian REVEALS Psychological Trick To Be Confident In ANY SITUATION | Andrew Schulz

  1. This is so great! Ty! I love that comedians are actually master alchemists and healers.

  2. This channel is the best. Lewis Howes is incredible with the community he shares with the world. Thank you for the awareness, as self insight and clarity is the most powerful too this channel has taught me. It has and continues to be a journey on self healing.

  3. This is the most amazing surprise episode! I’ve been binge watching his tiktok videos and did see a different kind of confidence from him. Awesome! I feel blessed.

  4. This was gold! I just started my mentorship to be a trainer at my company, this is so helpful. Thank you. 🙏

  5. His attitude is straight GOLD! Confidence, self-assurance, positive feelings toward competition. So inspiring!

  6. I LITERALLY just posted that Lewis should interview Pete Davidson, and now he’s already interviewed Andrew ? Amazing, as a fan of stand up I am so happy comedians are being taken seriously as creators 💚

  7. I like the part when Andrew mentioned his father being fascinated by everyone he meets & that’s how he learned to connect with people. That’s a good message to send as we all are teachers & students.

  8. Key point for developing kids value: I had dinner with my family everyday and they would ask me how my day was. So simple but effective.

  9. Still early into this interview but the part about insecurities is so helpful. It reminds me that the insecurities I feel as an artist are normal and just a sign that I have high standards for my work!

  10. This guy reminds me of my own passion for people in all their fascinating ways. I could always use a good reminder of the wonderfulness in curiosity.

    1. I also love this ‘you have to have the confidence enough to say something and the insecurity enough to want to improve’ ❤️

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