Ex C.I.A Reveals The INSANE World Of Underground Bio-Hacking

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Speaker: Dr Charles Morgan

#ExCIA #TheMatrix #BioHacking

Ex C.I.A worker Charles Morgan touches on revolutionary breakthroughs of the underground world of bio-hacking, and how they can potentially great, or disastrous.. depending on who's wielding the knowledge.

Time Stamps
00:00 – Can You Send & Receive Sensory Information Just Like The Matrix?
00:50 – The DARRPA Experiments
01:30 – The Underground Community Of Bio-Hacking
04:05 – Direct Brain To Brain Communication Experiments
06:08 – Designer Medicine & Therapy + CRISPR Technology (Real Life Star Trek!)
07:50 – The Future of Medicine (Gene Splicing) Creating Designer Humans
09:40 – Designer Receptors That Can Be Remotely Controlled (DREADDS)
10:35 – Remote Controlling The Human Brain

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21 thoughts on “Ex C.I.A Reveals The INSANE World Of Underground Bio-Hacking

    1. @Dueth sad but quite possibly very true.. many will possibly also go completely mad as a great wave of truth is indeed building that is to flood the collective consciousness and if one has not been doing the inner work by finding the light in your dark and your dark in your light to align within and truly know and face thy self the truths that were submerged that are rising to the surface will be too much for many💞💞💞

  1. This takes MK Ultra to the Outer Limits. Now we all
    have the proof. Thanks for the intel..(:)..

  2. I have a disability that makes communication very difficult for me, along with many other things that are easy for others. In my head I have all of my problems solved but my body is limiting my ability to do the things that are necessary to actually solve them. Having the ability to broadcast visually and record everything that I’m thinking would solve all my problems.

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