Everything You Experience is a PROJECTION. Get used to it so you can start WINNING!

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21 thoughts on “Everything You Experience is a PROJECTION. Get used to it so you can start WINNING!

  1. I had to pause mid of the video because I can’t believe the alignment I am currently experiencing. You literally named 2 of my “biggest” topics I currently think about a lot. And you already helped me shifting this perspective. Girllll. You are a real one🥺
    Let me get back to the video now..

  2. It’s a funny weird thing that happened to me today, so I was feeling really good these past few days then my self concept kicked it and I started having some doubts about my manifestations and I was wondering why I had to wait and got impatient so while giving off that waiting energy I unintentionally attracted many other waiting situations that were very unnecessary it made me laugh 😂 anyways I think this is a manifestation story tho it’s not intentional nor that positive but yeah

  3. I would explain that it’s not “kind people” vs “entitled people” but rather regulated people vs dysregulated people. If I have been able to take care of myself, I will respond in an empathetic way. If I have been struggling and/or have some unhealed issue, I will react in an entitled way. In each moment, we are each doing our best. ♥️

  4. so today is day 4 of being without a job because my temp job ended and i’ve been going through it. in one point i’m super happy about having time off and being able to relax but I haven’t been able to get off go much mode to actually enjoy this time off i’m manifested. it’s wild but i’m having faith that I will enjoy this time off and find a job that’s better fitting for my elevation

  5. This video came out just at the right time! The opposite happened to me today… I’ve worked with so many rude clients today. It did feel uncomfortable, but not once in a moment I thought about lowering my energy to face them. It feels good now because I know I AM IRREPLACEABLE hahaha Good things are coming to me and I wish those clients the best, so they can change! Thank you for the video, you are amazing!!

  6. So I have a question. To do scripting correctly do you write out the statements you desire for your life everyday? Or do you write them once and then read them everyday-like a letter to your subconscious? Anyone who knows feel free to respond. Thanks. This video was great and rand true for me.

  7. You have no idea how many times you pop in my head when I am about to do something that doesn’t serve me. I have started taking notes. This ish is VALUABLE!!!! You be changing lives girl.❤

  8. I clicked so fast because I was just talking to my son about this just this morning.. it’s so amazing how I speak things and it comes right back to me.

  9. Hellerrr! This video’s energy was enjoyable. The more I learn about law of attraction the more confused I become… it’s a positive confusion because my reality is being rewired. I get upset when the subject of projecting comes up. Often my relationships reflect that I’m “mean” or “difficult” when I prioritize peace/set boundries. Will you please make a video about manifesting peace (and the things/relationship one may need to release)?
    Thanksya! 😊

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