“Don’t Settle for What You Don’t Want!” | Fulfilled Fridays!

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21 thoughts on ““Don’t Settle for What You Don’t Want!” | Fulfilled Fridays!

  1. This just popped up and I was just having a thought about settling for something that I don’t want. Thank you

  2. My Manifesting success story today I woke up so stressed about money I have been for a while but today I set the intention to manifest money and then my auntie randomly sent me $10

  3. I’ve been working on manifesting reconciliation with the love of my life… While I’ve been doing this, the wrong ex is trying to come back. He’s saying and wanting to do EVERYTHING I’ve been affirming… I considered giving in but after thinking deeply about it, I realized that I do NOT want him! I would be settling if I took him back. I’m going to continue with my affirmations until everything comes to fruition with the love of my life. I believe it’s already done and I believe in me!

  4. Anyone else watching the subscriber count go up 1K a day? I’m getting excited to celebrate 100K with Dominique and the Reality Benders very soon. 😀

  5. I loved this. Congratulations to everyone feat. In the video! I’ll have my own manifestation story by next week to post about. I’m speaking it into existence now…❤️

  6. I…have been manifesting intentionally (but forgetting) and I’m amazed. Dom posted a video last week about being responsible for what you have now in order to manifest more. I resisted that message- I heard it, I understood it, I said I accepted it but all the while my thoughts were like “whhhhattttt is this?” None the less, the message kept coming up again and again in different ways even to the point that my coworker gave me a whole power talk session. I thanked her and told her that’s something I was rejecting but in that moment it stuck. Since then I’ve been practicing respect and responsibility with what I have now and just enjoying my now. Since then money, food, things that I’ve been needing have been coming out of no where! I’m shook a little but I’m so grateful and in awe. I just wanted to share this ❤️

    Also I clicked the like and it hit my angel number which has been more prominent the last few weeks 🙌🏽

  7. I love these stories!! I love hearing about people discovering their power and making fantastic things manifest!

  8. Hey Bendy, but how to manifest a cute place to live when we are homeless, jobless and feeling down 🙁 any advice? Should I try to manifest a job first? I`ve been trying but I dont know what is happening…

  9. Thank you so much for your videos! Stories like these inspire me to not give up on my manifestations and trust they will come in perfect timing <3

  10. Manifestation story 🌸✨🙏🏼
    Helooo everybody. 😊 Such a great comunity here. So let me tell u my story.
    Yesterday morning i was having a lot to do and was feeling a little dreadfull, so a thought poped into my head: Oh how i would relax in a hammok. 😂 And then completely forgot it. As I went about my day, like 3 hours later, while waiting outside to pick up the cakes for my beloved ones, i turned around and saw IT 😆❤️ maaan how relaxing were those 5 minutes in the hammok, it was divine! Best thing that I had dad with me, and he took some pictures :)) now I have proof for whatever I want. And also, I felt like I just discovered one secret to manifesting, that is: forget about IT. 😂
    Love u guys! And to many blessings to us all 😊✨

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