CIA full report on Brain Synchronization, Energy, Manifestation and the Holographic Universe

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This is one of the most interesting reads I’ve come across. It’s rather complex and takes a while to digest but it’s 100% worth it.
It’s an official declassified CIA document and a terrific analysis of consciousness and beyond – known as the Gateway Process.
While it’s an older document and declassified for a while now, the fact that modern developments in science, quantum physics, psychedelics, and neurobiology confirm what’s written within those pages is nothing short of outstanding.
It explains consciousness in a profound and analytical way and merges knowledge from mystics from Hindu, Buddhist, and Tibetan cultures to contemporary scientific knowledge of Planck distance, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and the works of Nils Bohr.
The cosmic spiral & torus is everything, and everything is one. It seems as though individual consciousness is pulled from the collective consciousness using the frequency/vibrations of the being. This applies to humans, whales, fungus, and amoeba.
Mystics of past and present including all ancient religions understood these concepts thousands of years ago. Still, it takes much to open the minds of the most pragmatic, self-conscious, and uptight people.

0:00 A Brief Introduction to the Document
1:36 A word from our sponsor
2:40 Introduction
3:30 Gateway and Hemi-Sync
5:32 Lamp vs. Laser
7:18 Frequency Following Response (FFR)
9:51 Role of Resonance
12:02 Brain Stimulation
14:39 Energy Entrainment
15:55 Consciousness and Energy
18:24 Holograms
20:43 The Part Encodes The Whole
22:17 The Consciousness Matrix
24:23 Brain In Phase
26:08 Evaluation
28:33 Gateway Method
30:23 Hemi-Sync Introduced
31:58 Advanced Techniques
32:54 Problem Solving
34:17 Patterning
36:00 Color Breathing
37:36 Energy Bar Tool
38:33 Remote Viewing
39:09 Living Body Map
40:13 Focus 15: Travel Into the Past
41:50 Focus 21: The Future
42:32 The Out-of-Body Movement
44:38 Role Of REM Sleep
47:40 Information Collection Potential
49:47 Belief System Considerations
52:28 Motivational Aspect
54:17 Conclusion (Follow These Steps)

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