Cataclysmic Polar Shift Event Is Coming Again

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47 thoughts on “Cataclysmic Polar Shift Event Is Coming Again

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    1. @John Thomas not everything she says is BS. Like the annunaki theory. It is backed up by many religous texts and ancient records like Sumerian texts and it helps to connect dots to the biggest mysteries like the pyramid of Giza, extra terrestrial life and much more.

    2. Hapgood was right but he wrote it in such a fashion it is easy to find hole,,He did this intensionally because he workd for the CIA…The story is part of the CIA Adam and Eve story in Suspicious Observers disaster playlist…The poles can change suddenly by the passing of bigger celestial objects…Such as what will happen this year…And the reason for wars and closing of nuke plants..In othe rwords at the highst level they ar working together in the biggest deception in thousands of years..

    3. I found it amusing Youtube put a Flat Earth warning banner on this video in an attempt to make people less likely to watch it. Maybe put (No flat Earth content) or something in the title just to make Youtube look stupid.

  2. I love this channel. I really want to discuss so many important dialogues with the people around me but no one seems interested in discussing ‘controversial’ topics that challenge their world view, unfortunately

    1. People just laugh and don’t really pay attention to any of this, that’s why I stopped trying with the people around me,

    2. Great vid as always but some of author’s ideas here contradict her Hollow Earth ideas…Here she do not assume earth to be hollow….Why???

  3. I absolutely love when this page drops content! I can never have enough! Can you ask so a video about flat earth and the firmament?!

  4. Shows how bad archaeological assumptions can be. The only reason they called it a wooly mammoth is because they assumed it had fur since they found its body in a cold spot. Totally missing the fact that the climate was different back then

    1. @Stu Brice we can literally test the bones and see exactly which area they were born by testing the isotopes of the calcium, this “theory” in this video is ridiculous.

    2. @D C maybe not. Maybe there was a migration that happened right before the pole shift, placing the mammoths in a region they would not normally have been found in. Much like the migrating elephants (and hundreds of other insects and species) are doing now.
      Anyone who says they “know”, doesn’t really know at all…and won’t know until it happens again.

    3. @Lucer Fi that’s a none statement unless you add substance to it. I’m well prepared to defend my statement, but that would require you to give a critique.

    4. @Amanda Collins maybe there was wizzards and witches. Anything is possible of you don’t require evidence.

  5. is it possible there was another planet in our solar system that met devastation causing a chain of disturbances to nearby planets?

    1. Check out the sumerian creation myths called the Eridu Genesis & The Enuma Elish, there are many channels that have covered this subject but a great place to start is a channel called Spirit Science they have a fantastic & easy way of explaining it, a great place to start IMHO.

    2. Thunderbolts project here on Youtube has a theory explaining just that, and a lot of other unexplained events which mythology recorded and is ignored by modern science.
      F.i. …how to explain the Romans calling Mars the God of War? That minuscule red spot in the night sky? Because it was, not so long ago, involved in a cataclysmic event, together with Venus, and much closer to earth.
      They also convincingly explain how Mars lost its atmosphere, and how that enormous 3000 mile long canyon was created, why the north part of Mars is a lot lower that the south, and why the southern half is riddled with small rocks.
      They build on the work of Velikowsky. google this on youtube: Symbols of an Alien Sky, Episode 2: The Lightning Scarred Planet Mars
      Mind blowing stuff.

    3. You would like ‘Worlds in Collision’ by ‘Immanuel Velikovsky’ ( it was the book Einstein was reading just before he died ) it is what you are looking for 🙂

  6. That was awesome ! Unbelievable to most people except for the ones who believe in science.
    Very informative..👍

  7. There is a major flood on the planet approximately every 25,000 years. This is also accompanied by an instantaneous pole shift.

    1. The mammoth was dated 40k years ago twice your average… Stop fear mongering you supposed fact is based on?


  9. If the Polar shift happens now, the ice of the north pole and south pole will start to melt revealing many mystries, which is hidden in the frozen ice, for the mankind to witness.

    1. if the pole shift happens there’s title waves of 50feet serious earth quakes where the cracks open end of the world

  10. As the polar ice caps melt, this will contribute to the liquid mass on the earth’s surface that is acted up on by the gravitational forces of the moon and sun. It wouldn’t surprise me if this could have a destabilizing affect on the earth rotation and position.

  11. Nice presentation. Well researched. . You might reconsider Velikovsky’s work in his rearrangement of the solar system as witnessed by ancient man. The Thunderbolts Channel on YouTube has some fascinating videos that point to mountains of mythological evidence making that case. As well as the role of intense plasma discharges in antiquity that shaped human civilization, supported by Los Alamos plasma physicist Dr Anthony Perratt’s published work. It’s eye opening and thoughtful material. Once you see the evidence of these events etched as petroglyphs globally, you will never look at history the same. If you have visited just one of the thousands of these sites personally, you will find it profoundly life changing.

  12. As fascinating as this topic is, the bottom line is that if/when we DO experience polar shift, emp, asteroid or comet impact there will be very little we can do but try & survive.
    Many sights around the world depict underground dwellings, could these be “fallout shelters”??
    Still, everything would depend on A) how much notice, if any; B) proximity TO said event and C) preparedness to ride out said event which could be years or in the case of impact or emp, indefinitely…
    Not a doom n gloomer, more a realist – it’s all happened before.

  13. “Universe inside you” is a great and thoughtful channel showing great ideas and documentaries that expand the mind and open us to possibilities that the established institutions hate for us to see and learn of. Keep up the good and great work, you’re a hand that helps to pull the veil from our eyes, collectively.

  14. I love watching stuff and I love learning things so glad that they’re finally coming out with the truth they have to rewrite history everything they’ve been teaching us is wrong

  15. Even a pole shift doesn’t explain the rapid freezing that would leave the food still in its mouth. It does show that the atmosphere was suddenly exposed to the freezing cold of space, which is a result of a collapsing magnetic fields.

    1. A collapsing magnetosphere should be the the result of an reversal. It’s not like they flip and everything will be cool 😎. It will most likely be decades until the new poles will have finally settled and reached their new solid states… until then we’re exposed to cosmic rays, cme‘s, solar flares, probably even micro novas. The crust of the earth will break and the tectonic plates will rearrange like giant icecaps, this will also lead to eruptions of infinite volcanos and tsunamis. We’re in for a real roller coaster ride. But we’ll be good in the long term, this is not our last incarnation. 💚

  16. This is so interesting and sort of spooky and makes you think. Great presentation captured my attention. Made me take notice of what’s out there. Peace thank you much Universe Inside You.

  17. I can respect the fact that everybody’s looking for Atlantis but maybe Atlantis was just one city but maybe Earth was never known as Earth maybe it was known as Atlantia cuz it always talks about a lot of things that are away from it but at the same time close to it you could only see from an aircraft

  18. I enjoy the content this channel pushes out. Don’t always agree but always makes me think. I feel many are to narrow minded and need to open up a little more to the possibility that what we know is only what we think we know. God bless everyone!✌️

  19. The last magnetic pole switch is referred to in the Emerald tablets of Thoth -and the crest on the front of the Sphinx should set the time it was built in the progression.

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