C.I.A DECLASSIFIED | Advanced Techniques (Time Travel, Energy Healing, Manifestation)

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The fourth instalment of C.I.A Declassified.
Having now established an understanding as why to these techniques work, in this video we'll review what the techniques actually are, and how one can achieve them.

00:20 – The Gateway Tapes
03:05 – Hemi Sync Introduced
04:30 – Advanced Techniques
05:25 – A) Problem Solving
06:45 – B) Patterning
08:25 – C) Colour Breathing
10:05 – D) Energy Bar Tool
11:00 – E) Remote Viewing
11:35 – F) Living Body Map
12:45 – G) Focus 15: Travel Into The Past
14:15 – H) Focus 21: The Future

Part 1) C.I.A DECLASSIFIED – The Gateway Experience: Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

Part 2) C.I.A Declassified | Holographic Universe (The Consciousness Matrix)

Part 3) C.I.A DECLASSIFIED: Intervening Dimensions (Traversing Time Space Reality)

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34 thoughts on “C.I.A DECLASSIFIED | Advanced Techniques (Time Travel, Energy Healing, Manifestation)

    1. For what its worth I think the real jewel in this video is the introduction and description of color breathing. The ancient Egyptian mystery school ruins had a series of curved carved out bowls in their stone walls with each subsequent one tuned to a particular color. Students would focus their power and like a satellite dish has a stamen like receiver placed in front of it to catch the focused energy. When the student perfected their technique there was a visible hazy ball of color floating in front of it. I have seen these in photos but years later I tried find them again and couldn’t. My guess is they are still available on the internet somewhere.

  1. I have precognitive dreams and can see the future when I sleep. It started when I was 19 going through the roughest time of my life after my ex passed away.. ever since I smoke weed or drink before sleep to suppress it. Anybody that’s ever been close to me knows this to be true. Thank you for the video

    1. @Guide Gaming Tell ya what, I had a NDE at 18 months, and the rest of my life was changed forever, hit my on the hard wood floor, I broke my leg, and had a knee cap fall out of place. I went into a dark place, but before all that it played out like a movie reel, I remember while in the place I was at was a foster care home, at first I was being kicked by someone, and who ever that was thought I was faking it or something, they gave me smelling salts and that didn’t really help, I heard the sirens of the paramedics and heard them say I was going into seizures, I believe after all that I went to the dark place, completely dark, absolute darkness, couldn’t tell the difference from right to left, up or down, then was some sort of dream that didn’t make no sense to me. Yes I was scared. This went on for it seemed like a life time for me, I woke up, I had my leg in a cast, and in a sling holding it up, I think 🤔 I was in the hospital for some time. I remember being visited by someone who came into the foster care home that I was very fond of, and she was sitting by my side, holding onto one of those tomato pin cushions she kept on her, I’m guessing she liked sewing quite a bit, and she looked at me and looked back at the cushion, and looked back at me and said yeah them doctors used you for a pin cushion didn’t they? I just starred at her knowing what she said and I couldn’t reply back, I’m not even sure if I knew any words back then. But, I remember the memory though. It was ordeal that I wish never have happened. It really screwed me up for life, I don’t believe I have been quite right since, I was adopted out, and had terrible night terrors, my adopted mom and dad, didn’t know what happened and they couldn’t help me either. I felt abandoned, I felt helpless, I felt alone, but I went to a shrank because of my dreams, and he did do hypnosis therapy on me, I remember seeing the watch he was swaying back and forth in front of eyes. Well, I made it to 51 and a half.

    2. Yoooooooooooooo
      Literally happens to me often, portions of my dream happen throughout my day

    3. I can relate for sure. Weed and drinking won’t help at least from my own experience. You have the gift and there are many of us.

    4. @Brian Volpe Your absolutely right there, all that stuff will do is basically give ya a bad trip. I’m almost for certain, clean body, clear mind with a open mind, and extreme focus with all three body, mind and spirit. But, I don’t know how many people out would even care, or even have a interest in stuff like this. Probably a select few.

  2. These episodes are very informative and interesting. Thank you for producing them.

  3. Ești un idol mikujava.Monster mereu în inima mea 💋 frumos, dragoste, alegere, cultural. Sunt unul dintreg cele mai bune concerte….

  4. its not so much you going into the future or past, as much as it is going to you. like yourself, on this limited plane of existence, there are other beings with desires similar to your own, but matching the exact frequency and vibration of your own is physically impossible, but very possible on a virtual or spiritual platform. i know the result of my life as been the accumulation of my desires, even if i never actually shared what my desires truly are to anyone but the universe, and the idea of a sentient universe is actualized because of the idea of the akashic records, a collective consciousness does exist, but not everyone seeks it, or knows about it. a very small percentage of beings on earth are part of this collective consciousness, less than .001 percent. and in all actuality, i know what the future holds because i created it, its part of the collective consciousness which was agreed upon by the .001 percent, i have personal evidence of its existence, because i have been experiencing it subconsciously all of my life, which is very similar to predestination.

  5. No lie I’ve lost a pair of sunglasses glasses in an alternate dimension. I love sunglasses bc I am photo sensitive (light bothers my eyes and brain) and i always lose them. I keep seeing them…picking them up and looking at them…but they are no where to be found. And when i wake up I feel so weak. My hands have no grip strength. Over time I feel strength and life come back to my body like my life force has been out of my body for a long time

  6. I was able to remote view a friend of mine. He went to the doctor to discover her had tumors in his stomach. When I told him that I wanted to see how many, I told him to sit and relax. Don’t move. Hung up the phone and began to travel to where he was, while sitting in my bed. Within an hour, I called him back. And told him he has 6 tumors in his stomach. He agreed and said his doctor told him he had 6 of them, and I told him 2 are smaller than the rest, he agreed to the same of what his doctor said. It took a doctor to use a medical device, while I used my mind to see from a distance, into his body with graphic detail. Was he amazed? No. He was more terrified that he had the tumors. I haven’t heard from him since but will soon reach out.

  7. Native Americans have stories n legends of teleportation, remote viewing, telepathy,traveling to other realms. Now I believe those stories even more. The possibilities are staggering.

  8. I’ve been listening to the Gateway tapes for about a year now. I’ve had a partial put of body experience but I freaked out. I’ve also had some things come to be in my sleep that I previously had difficulty solving

    1. I have managed to get passed a certain point a few times but always freak out too! I get loud buzzing in my head before I can roll out of my body! I’m not BS you I’ve had certain abilities sense I was a kid but just can’t get pass the fear!! It’s frustrating!

  9. I have never heard it said so well, my universal source that I ask, and receive from. It is true ideas and process I never knew, just appear. I have tried to give these moments out to the world, just to see them be true later. It’s a wonderful life.

  10. When I was a little kid I dreamt of a house, but at the time it did not exist nor was the forest even cleared. Now it exists, exactly how I dreamt of it years before the trees were even cut, I’ve never been there and I don’t know who lives there but part of me wants to meet them and tell them about it, it might end up making the dream happen exactly how it played out

  11. These are their most effective techniques, but not the only techniques. All is mind, and you can develop your own techniques. I’ve done self healing, and I didn’t do it exactly the same way as described.

    1. Zazen opened the floodgates for me but I agree there are many ways to accomplish the same goals.

  12. This is amazing stuff… I’ve had a lot of experiences sense I was a kid but it wasn’t until I started practicing zazen the floodgates opened up for me… I’ve had certain levels of fear that I know hold me back but I’ve been blessed to experience some profound things that have shaped my life and the true nature of the reality we all find ourselves in! I really appreciate this topic because I’m constantly looking for answers to what I experience, it’s no game, I promise that, I’m stronger now then I once was and prepping to get back into this again! It’s hard to control sometimes because of fear for people who understand what I mean!

  13. I’ve been listening to at least the first 3 hour tape the past week or so… tbh I just feel like jumping into the energy conversion box myself, maybe it’ll just do the work for me.

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