Bob Proctor’s final words to me before his death

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Bob Proctor's last words to me before his death..

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In loving memory of Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor was one of the greatest personal development teachers the world has ever seen. Bob Proctor was featured in the movie "The Secret" and was one of the pioneer teachers of the law of attraction. Bob was also a personal mentor of mine and one of the kindest people I ever met. I hope this video inspires you.


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27 thoughts on “Bob Proctor’s final words to me before his death

    1. Definitely make more videos about your conversations with Bob. I discovered him before you and then I found you a year later and could tell you were the real deal, in a sea of so called LOA gurus on YouTube. I am not surprised to learn he was your mentor. You and him were the only ones I listened to and the only ones who consistently inspired me. Thank you for all you do and for sharing all this with us and I am so sorry for your loss. He seemed like a genuine man and it’s so heart warming to learn that he was.

    2. @Dana Connolly I’m with you on that.. great loss, but Bob will continue in JD and we will also be re-viewing Bob’s videos! When i see him l have a feeling that i meet a whole amazing Universe of my dream. Lucky is JD to have been personally with Bob Proctor!

  1. I am sorry Jake, He will be closer to you, Sadly not in a physical form, but he will.
    My condolences to you Jake, you are a beautiful human as he was… We love you Jake🤗

  2. Bob isn’t dead. He simply transcended this physical dimension. He’s watching over you and your family. And he will live on forever. ❤️

    1. Yes thanks ever so much for this.
      Absolutely, I can’t agree with you more.
      And to you Jake,‏ thank you for this wonderful video as you always keep gifting us with so generously and abundantly.

      I have just come across this current YouTube video now and I simply just can’t believe it.

      I simply refuse to believe it…

      it’s not part of my belief system as you keep saying, Jake…

      Can we do the revisión here now as Neville Goddard teaches us so beautifully and so consequently simply recreate this nightmare and trans🙏form it into a dream?

      Please please please assure me now, everybody, that this is just a mere reflection of my own human wonderful imagination – the marvelous miraculous inconceivablly powerful force the universe has ever known as Bob Proctor keeps telling us quoting his beloved spiritual mentor, Napoleon Hill, merely and simply gone wrong now.

      This is just an abuse of my
      i m a god i nation – imagination – the power of creation which Bob so wonderfully has taught us all to get in touch which therefore I refuse now to consider as part of my 3D.

      I refuse

      I refuse

      I refuse and I’m not going to consider this and accept it as my reality since as Bob told me once;

      “imagination is the Only reality there is and a man his all imagination. God is man and exists in us and we in him and the eternal body of man or the legend and truly leader, Bob Proctor, is the imagination and that is God himself.”

      Bob Proctor’s wonderful human imagination is immortal and so there is no way it would ever cease to grow and expand just as he was doing in the last 88 and 62 years of his mentoring to us all and continues to do so indefinitely.

      Bob prcrtor is clearly immortal
      י ה ו ה just as God is or

      He is he will always be and he has always been.


      I’m sorry but this is not in any form or manner my reality today.

      Thank you.

      Thank you for this information; I will consider this but this is certainly not part of my belief system and it will never be!

      The legendary genius reality creator, most generous influential man of the last two centuries and our greatest leader ever will be always living for me and in me.

      🌚 🙏💙🙏♥️🙏

      Hence, can you now please immediately delete this awful unfortunate video from Utube and wait patiently till Bob starts his new 5 days live seminar shortly.

      Please just have patience all of you.

      We don’t need this kind of things in our happy life now.

      Bob Proctor is and will ever be and as a matter of fact, I’m actually booked to perform with him in the 2034 celebration of his 100 birthday creating a musical portrait for him just as I mentioned to Bob that I had created live for Kerry Kennedy in a charity dinner for the Foundation Kennedy in Milan in front of many world leaders and ex- leaders.
      The piano solo instrumental improvised piece was consequently orchestrated into a song and Andrea Bocelli is currently recording this for his next album.

      I’m going to play a special piano portait live for Bob as we have both agreed during his 100 birthday celebration in 2034 and we are going to make a hit song from it to make sure it will be played in most houses in the world for ever.

      For Bob Proctor is the best hit song we’ve ever had and I’m so honoured to be chosen to be the one to bring it to the entire world billions of listeners all through the uni🌷verse or the One verse world Proctor’s song.


      “Don’t die with the music still in you’…”

      I have discuss that with Bob and it is a promise so I’m determined to do so no matter what.

      I have shown him this recording I made in Mexico
      and shared with him my website and the email of my secretary and so he has agreed to do so for his birthday.

      Bob has always knows what he’s talking about.
      He always walks his talks and he’s in fact the only one who knows the truth of this life and the beauty which is truth just as the victorian poet John Keats has written about him in his famous chiasmus in 1819 words which I have included in a song I have previously composed as a thank you song for Bob for having transformed my life and saving me from death twice.

      “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, —that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”

      Beauty- Truth- Beauty is Bob Proctor and will for ever be so.

      Hence, I thoroughly refuse to listen to any nonsense about his ‘ departure ‘, it is far too early for this and ‏unexpected and so we all are simply and certainly not ready for this now.

      He will always LIVE through my music, even long after his 100 birthday celebration as I had mentioned this to him on the phone which he thoroughly agreed.
      This is since he is simply classic just like Mozart; Bach and Beethoven are and his music Will Never Die.

      For just as my maternal relative Albert Einstein said once:
      “time doesn’t exist and every separation is merely an illusion.”

      Never never never can Bob die now.

      We must change this sad news in an immediate and perhaps only the music can do so for music goes beyond time space and reality and sadly the music that comes from Bob which I play for him is such.

      We get enough bad news and as it is as Bob Procter mentioned to us many times before this current news so we really don’t need to listen to this now.
      We can simply switch that video for ” Good news with Bob Proctor it only takes two clicks on the computer to do so and in fact I’m going to do that right now.

      Something went wrong here with YouTube, I think.

      I have recently talked to him about that on the phone.
      As I have already mentioned above we have ‏categorically confirmed and booked ‏in advance the event and my piano composition on the spot for him during the 2034 the 5th of July of his birthday celebration.

      So it is



      Done …

      Please make sure you delete this awful video now.

      Thank you.

      I am simply not going to accept it as part of my reality all 3D in any way for ‏imagination or consciousness is the only reality there is!

      If Bob Proctor is indeed going now and it’s not just a bad joke then we are all as one going with him now as well for sure.

      For what are we as a society or as humanity without our beloved most adored and admired, the Legendary Bob Proctor,

      We are Nothing without him.

      We are lost here in this dimension for good without our Bobby.




      This is nonsense, it’s a mistake and so I adamantly refuse to believe it or even consider it as part of my three-dimensional world.

      Please delete this video from YouTube at once.

      Thank you.




  3. Bob’s energy was definitely with you making this video keep your head up Jake! I’m sure he was extremely proud of the person you’ve become!

  4. I am sadden by the news of Mr. Bob Proctors passing. I know that there is nothing I can say that will stop the pain you are feeling, but I’m truly sorry for the loss of your dear friend.

  5. I’ve been using his affirmation ever since I started my journey on self developing path. Bob was and still is the greatest mentor to me. It is great to know that his transition was peacefully. RIP.

  6. Thank you Jake for sharing your experiences with Bob and remind us how we can honor him and make him proud. Thank you so much! It’s very comforting to hear that he was excited for what was coming next for him and that he transitioned smoothly ❤ He will always be in my heart. I’ll be looking forward to more anecdotes with him. Thank you! By the way I’m from Argentina.

  7. I had a feeling… I couldn’t isolate it. I couldn’t collected into one phrase. I needed a single phrase… so I asked outward.

    “This is so bad it has to be good.”

    And there it is. The one phrase that I needed. The one that sums up everything that is so over explained in my mind. It will become my ‘go-to’.
    Thank you Bob (and Jake)

  8. I met Bob in the mid 70’s when he did a Xoces Seminar for an insurance company i worked for in San Diego. I learned a lot about myself and the potential we all have. He was a great guy who never worried about himself. He will always be my mentor!!

  9. Jake, those two videos were wonderful. I have been listening to Bob for years. You have been doing what you do for a long time. You’re much appreciated.

  10. Thank you Jake!…but guess what? Bob isn’t dead, he’s just walking on the other side of the road! I picture him full of light, Peace & Love…

  11. I discovered Bob through your teachings. I love his paradigm shift meditation! My wife and I got such a kick out of him. Thank you for bringing Bob Proctor into our lives!

  12. Hey Jake I love this video. You are one of the many people who are a living example of what Bob Proctor taught. And I completely understand and respect that you didn’t wont to seem to be riding on his coat tale as you put it. But actually from the person who is outside looking in. I think you are a very perfect person to tell your message and how much he helped you to shape yourself and your life in the direction you have. I had my own personal awakening about 3yrs ago or so and Bob was a very big impact on me and my out look in life. And he had a way of saying things and also of relating ideas that was so genuinely good and believable that it would make you stop and take notice and because his story was so down to earth and he was able to share it so well . I think is why he was able to inspire and help so many people. And he told how his own mentors taught him and related their knowledge to him but he wasn’t riding their coat tales and you aren’t either. Your story is very inspiring and you have your way of relating ideas that is very good and very needed. Because your proof that you don’t have to be a certain age or live a particular lifestyle to be wealthy and successful in life. I think it was that contrast between you and Bob that made me want to see what you had to say the first time I came across your videos. I can see the real and genuine emotions that you have when you talk about him and that goes along way in the real world because like you mentioned he was more than what you would expect him to be as a person. And alot of the people who try to teach these concepts, and I’ve been listening to alot of them don’t have that real or special quality that Bob had and that you have. So I do love your work and want to see more. And you are apart of something bigger than yourself. You are a living testimony that this stuff works and is real and I think the ideas that you said about posting some of your conversations with Bob would be excellent for relating this aswell. Im in the first part of my journey of change and development. But I really need the things that you can relate about this type of information. It truly is inspiring and very appreciated. I wish you all the best and hope you continue to share and be part of this legacy of information that we are all in need of. Thank you Jake can’t wait to hear more..your friend DanielBoone

  13. Amazing how much I am brought to smiling ear to ear even though the conversation is over Bobs passing. Thank you Jake for the joy and uplifting messages you provide. I look forward to continuing to learn through your knowledge and passing Bobs knowledge on as well.

  14. When my 9 yr old daughter passed over her youth pastor told me, “I’m sorry for your loss but inside I am celebrating for her.” So to you Jake I say, I am sorry for your loss but I am celebrating inside for Bob.” Much Love to you💕

  15. So sorry to hear this sad news. And my condolences to you Jake you look pretty beside yourself right now. Keep the faith and keep helpful people the way you know how to! Love your channel ❤️🙏

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