Belief tells reality what to do… (Law Of Attraction truth)

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23 thoughts on “Belief tells reality what to do… (Law Of Attraction truth)

  1. “Mind is indeed the Builder… what is held in the act of mental vision becomes a reality in the material experience. We are gradually builded to that image created within our own mental being.”

    -Edgar Cayce✨

  2. That’s 100% true….I’ve changed my belief system and things are only getting better since then ❤

  3. One of my favorite books is as a man thinketh. Your thoughts are your reality! Pretty much summed it up

  4. Yes thank you! And over 90% of our beliefs are programmed into us by imperfect people who they themselves were programmed. I believe i am immortal, I am SPIRIT having a human experience and that anything is possible..BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE POWERFUL!

    1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeess it feels so good to hear others say this. This is exactly how I believe. Everything You said.

    2. @Monique Brazil Thank you, having
      Done a lot of reprogramming for myself and healing diseases and such U believe that I am speaking from experience and truth rather than sharing someone else’s beliefs.

  5. I’ve been listening to this guys audio clips on youtube for almost 3 or 4 yrs. Its part of my daily meditation and I m truly grateful…

  6. Beliefs systems can change and What’s even more powerful then believing is KNOWING.. what you know to be true in your heart and in your mind is what will manifest in your life. …

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