Before You WASTE Your Life Away, WATCH THIS! | Van Lathan & Lewis Howes

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Van Lathan Jr. is a producer, media personality and host, from Baton Rouge, LA. Beginning his career working on film sets, such as, The Reaping and Failure to Launch, he’s most recognized from TMZ, where he worked as Senior Producer for nine years.

Currently, Van can be heard hosting the Higher Learning Podcast and Ringer-Verse Podcast, where he combines wit and humor to discuss news, politics, entertainment, sports and even superheroes. Van’s debut book ‘Fat, Crazy & Tired’ (April 2022), hilariously documents his journey with weight loss and anxiety, and explores the real reasons behind our unending physical and mental health battles.

As a producer on the Best Live Action Short Film, Two Distant Strangers, Van won an Academy Award in 2021, and continues to develop both film and television projects with his production companies 4116 Productions and Six Feet Over Productions. This Fall [2022], Van will host Hip Hop Homicides, a look into unsolved murders in the hip-hop community, produced by Curtis “50-Cent” Jackson and Mona Scott Young.

If you’re ready to learn how to reframe your identity for the better, and start the journey of healing and transformation, then I think you’ll gain value from this conversation with Van Lathan. He’s had such an interesting experience in the field of entertainment and beyond, and I had a great time getting to know him. And now, let’s jump into Episode 1,260 of The School of Greatness!


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26 thoughts on “Before You WASTE Your Life Away, WATCH THIS! | Van Lathan & Lewis Howes

  1. Doubt & Fear(which is the product of doubt) this is what’s holding me back from unleashing my full potential. 2022 is the year I leave it behind or just ignore it and keep pushing to success!

  2. *FRIENDLY REMINDER* | Worrying does not solve tomorrow’s problems, but it does waste today’s PEACE.

  3. My heart hurts for him – hoping his journey leads him to learn about childhood trauma – the validation he is seeking may be found healing that trauma.

  4. I’m in the process of leaving it all behind. Can’t wait for my next step. Better non – toxic people around me.❤️

  5. This whole conversation from beginning to end is double spoken for the few who get it. Interesting time to be ALIVE

  6. Physiology of the Spiritual (Quick Guide)

    -The pleasurable “chills” or “goosebumps” (aka frisson) experienced when listening to music, watching movies, viewing art, dancing etc. is a sensation that is sustainable for long periods and increases in intensity with dedication. It is the sensation needed to enter altered states of consciousness known as the Jhanas as well as to self-induce out of body experiences from a meditative state (visualization techniques are also required for OBEs).

    -If you pursue this sensation within yourself by attempting to feel it as much as possible (all day, every day if you are able), it builds in strength significantly over time to the point where it becomes a full body sensation with the pinnacle being at the crown of the skull. You must become your own experiment as each individual’s set of beliefs and emotional reactions are unique.

    -One fundamental key to the sensation is to achieve states of genuine, positive emotions such as love, gratitude, inspiration, courage, joy, unity etc. Therefore, anything that enables you to feel these emotions will work. Conversely, anything that prevents these, will prevent your sensation. Control of thought is the key.

    -It is important to take a non-judgmental perspective of all things, including yourself, in order to cultivate acceptance and love within yourself. Try to be honest with yourself at all times. Trust your feelings and intuitions.

    -Be patient and be understanding of yourself if you think you are struggling. This is a progression and it will take some time to strengthen, especially while first beginning to induce in meditation, as your brain reforms its pathways via neuroplasticity (weeks to many months depending on effort). Love yourself unconditionally for the greatest success.

    -Your sensation will inevitably grow in strength with persistence and you will begin to feel it more easily to a broader range of stimuli. You will eventually realize it is not the stimuli at all, but only your emotional state and control of your mind/thoughts that matter.

    -It is this same sensation that monks attempt to achieve during meditation and chanting. The chants or mantras are to create vibrations in the chest which can help stimulate the sensation as well as to keep one’s focus single pointed.

    -It is the same sensation that “spirit runners” or indigenous long-distance runners attempt to achieve. Also called “runner’s high” in the west.

    -The current scientific term for the sensation is “Frisson” and it remains relatively unexplained in the public sector being reduced simply to a release of endorphins.

    -Other names include: Chakra Energy, Kundalini, Prana, Mana, Qi, Chi, Holy Spirit, life force, vibration among others depending on your cultural lens.

    -In the CIA analysis of the Gateway Process for consciousness it is described as “a self-stimulation of the pleasure centers in the brain caused by the circulation of a ‘current’ along the sensory cortex.”

    -Remember this sensation is sustainable and will increase in intensity. Much love.

  7. I don’t know you but I love your honesty and vulnerability. We all look for validation at some time in our lives. Keep on loving your self ❤️ so grateful for Lewis.

  8. Loved how Lathan allowed himself to be vulnerable by sharing with us his way of trying to get his dad’s attention. Lewis always asking the right questions! Thanks for the video

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