Before You GET ANGRY In Life, WATCH THIS! (Most Eye-Opening Speech) | Terry Crews

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Author, action-movie hero, sitcom star, children’s book illustrator, advertising pitchman, playable video game character, talent show host, high-end furniture designer, and human rights activist all describe the man that is TERRY CREWS. Crews will release his memoir, Tough: My Journey to True Power on April 26, 2022, via Penguin Random House. In it, Crews chronicles the story of how he went from being a six-year-old boy with a goofy, toothless smile to being utterly selfish and angry, to a man who can finally acknowledge his own weaknesses and vulnerabilities and use his experiences to help motivate those around him.

After several years in the NFL (where he painted portraits of teammates to supplement his income) with the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles, Crews turned his talents to the performing arts, where his talent, hard work, character, and dedication has made him one of the most sought out and respected talents in the industry.

If you’re ready to learn how to overcome the shame and guilt that’s holding you back from achieving the peace of mind you deserve, then this episode is for you! And now, please join me for Episode 1,258 of The School of Greatness.


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39 thoughts on “Before You GET ANGRY In Life, WATCH THIS! (Most Eye-Opening Speech) | Terry Crews

  1. Much respect! I was in tears knowing that you have done the work! Continued Blessings and healing!❤

  2. I’m not even half way through the interview and I’m already deeply engaged with the content. Nothing But Respect To Terry & Lewis.. 💪💯

  3. This interview is so therapeutic! I was taken back to the 6 year old little girl who was bullied! I feel instantly healed! Thank you Terry for sharing your story! Much love and Blessings to you and your family!

  4. “You can either have success or revenge. You can’t have both.” Terry Crews. This. 💯. Scale it anyway you want, this is truth. ⚖️. And, if your success is revenge, that’s about them.

  5. Wow Terry, what a man you have developed into. I only know of you through this podcast but what great knowledge you have shared… Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow this one spoke to me – lewis thanks for having guests so willing to open up and share their vulnerable experiences. Can relate 1,000%

  7. I cried a few times watching this, it is so rare to see men emotionally vulnerable, it is refreshing: I love how Terry Crews described how the church deals with traumatic folks generalizing as “the devil” his honest self-reflective talk shall save a few lives. Also, is so true therapy has been changing my psychology but also opened my eyes, thank you Lewis your talks are challenging and self introspection-inducing.

  8. This was powerfully inspirational, the truth he shared on your show will help so many for years to come. If people don’t understand that anger is an endless pit that you can’t fill, no matter what you throw in it, then they will always be unfulfilled. Self vulnerability is self Love.

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  10. Somehow I click on these interviews and they always answer an inner question I didn’t even know I had. I am so grateful for all these people and their stories. Thank you Lewis.

  11. what a talk! great stuff, from both guys. you never know what someone is going trough or has been trough…

  12. I can relate to Terry when he said people would ask, why you talk so white. 😂 All jokes aside, Terry hit a lot of points in his life that had parralled mine. I have so much respect for him. What an incredible inspiration and I’m so glad to see him open up on your channel. Keep bringing inspiration to your channel and I’m happy I found you. So many good messages 🙏

  13. Much respect for Terry. Especially him having the courage and humility to reveal unsavory things about his past.

  14. That was powerful! Did not expect this! My favorite take away was his storywhen his wife said- I’m proud of you, you’ve done the work. I’ve had those moments when you realize all the self-work has really changed you down to your character and countenance.

  15. This interview made me cry on many occasions. Who thought a podcast would have such a powerful impact ? Your voices are carrying powerful healing vibrations. You both touched my heart to the core. I thank you for this and I LOVE YOU DEEPLY!

  16. Amazing interview!
    At 50 I learned to love me, starting with the youngest me I could remember and then all my ages up to my 50 year old self. Perfection? No. But the process began in earnest. I looked in the mirror and said my name, then, “I love you” until I actually felt it. Life changed.

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