99% of your Desires will Manifest When You Use These Exercises | Neville Goddard technique

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99% of Your Desires will Manifest from THESE 3 Exercises | Neville Goddard

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Born February 19, 1905, Neville was a dancer in New York City. Later he was introduced to mind control and the power of the imagination by a friend and mentor Abdullah which changed his life. Fascinated with the outcome of the desired effects, Neville sought after this knowledge and became one of the greatest pioneers to introduce the Powers of the Imagination. Not much was discovered about Abdullha, but due to his influence, Neville became one of the most fascinating writers on metaphysical topics. Neville did not consider himself a philosopher nor a metaphysician; however, over the century many in this field followed or accredit him for his work.

Neville taught that everything starts out as a thought. There is nothing created that was not first pictured in the imagination. He believed that God was the only creative force and that this source resided in everything.
The only thing that separates man from other species is the ability to create through imagination. Through this ability man was given dominion over the earth.

Number One – “Congratulations Technique”

Neville said – “To realize your desire, an action must start in your imagination, apart from the evidence of the senses, involving movement of self and implying fulfillment of your desire. Whenever it is the action which the outer self would take to appease desire, that desire will be realized. But remember.”

Another way Neville said this more simply is: “The imaginative image is the only thing to seek. Every state is already there as 'mere possibility' as long as you think of it, but is overpoweringly real when you think FROM it.”

An easy technique for manifesting your dreams is the “Congratulations technique”.
To do this Neville Goddard technique, first, imagine that you have already fulfilled your dream.
Second, imagine someone else – like a friend or a family member, congratulating you for it wholeheartedly.

Make this exercise as realistic as possible, visualizing your friend in great detail.
You can even imagine how they shake your hand congratulating you, feeling their handshake at the same time. You may imagine them hugging, kissing you, or jumping up and down in excitement.
While imagining the person congratulating you, feel how the fulfillment of your goal has been a gift of God bestowed upon you.

Feel how God decided you deserve to have this, therefore it has been divinely orchestrated that you receive this blessing.

Number Two – Remake & Revision Technique

Neville said – “The world which is described from observation is a manifestation of the mental activity of the observer. When man discovers that his world is his own mental activity made visible, that no man can come unto him except he draws him, and that there is no one to change but himself, his own imaginative self, his first impulse is to reshape the world in the image of his ideal. But his ideal is not so easily incarnated. In that moment when he ceases to conform to external discipline, he must impose upon himself a far more rigorous discipline, the self-discipline upon which the realization of his ideal depends.”

What is he saying? To simplify, this is one of my favorite short Neville teachings, which summarizes the previous: “If you judge after appearances, you will continue to be enslaved by the evidence of your senses.”

A great technique to practice the discipline of no longer being enslaved by the evidence is the senses, is through the process of revisioning. Goddard writes that one of the best habits you can develop is to review the events of your day every evening, just before you go to sleep.

As you walk your mind through the things that happened, you might notice that there were a few situations that didn’t go as you might have wanted them to. If so, use this time to re-imagine the circumstance, as if it had turned out favorably. Practice developing the power of your imagination to revise the outer world, so you can change what was impressed upon your subconscious mind during the day.

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