7 life lessons that changed my life

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7 life lessons that changed my life

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Over the last 9 years I learned a few hundred life lessons that changed my life. In today's video I try to break down 7 of the top life lessons I learned from my mentor that can help you change your life too. A lot of the times we don't have a mentor, or the thought of 'how to change your life' is so daunting that we don't know what to think or where to begin. So today I just break down these life lessons that you can use in your life to begin the self-development journey.


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23 thoughts on “7 life lessons that changed my life

  1. One of the biggest life lessons I learnt from someone 6 years ago when I started my journey was: ‘are you doing it because you love it or for the money’

    Now despite my hunger to build a business I went through multiple businesses before finding what I do now and how I am doing it because I genuinely love it! The money comes as a by product ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽

  2. Jake, you & your wife are going to continue to carry on Bob’s invaluable work. You care about others Jake, & it shows

  3. Thank you for continuing Bob’s work! He was amazing and so are you!! We are spiritual beings in physical bodies!

  4. Honestly- I been putting off the self hypnosis. But this video and the equal feeling we are going thru- has made me realize I am missing something and that energy. Therefore I need to need to be in harmony so I will do the self hypnosis- and practice what Bob taught you because I honestly “BELIEVE”

    1. Try it. I do it before I sleep and at night. Give it time. I started winning 28.00 in the lotto then during Covid my company gave bonuses and now I’m up for a promotion. It creeps up yet I can’t help to think that it helped me. Also relaxed me about money worries. I’m now attracting money.

  5. Love the video, I have been following you and Bob for so long and truly love you both! I’m going to rewatch this tonight, with a nore pad, even though you and Bob have said this before. Sending love your way ❤ to you and your sweet family!

  6. North Carolina, Bob Proctor was an amazing force of positive energy in this world, that will continue to expand forever, because of his life’s work. Way to keep adding to it Jake!❤️

  7. Bob was a gentleman truth teller. He will only be more known since he has passed. His legacy was built on his adaptabilities. May you find peace in sharing.

  8. LOVE THIS:))) I remember listening to you after discovering Bob. whenever you said..My mentor I thought oh my gosh I wonder if Bob is his mentor!!! Some the phrases you used, gave it away💜 Then I immediately thought. WOW How special to have been guided to all of you!

  9. Your love for Bob very apparent. I really appreciate you sharing the moments he helped you most. Keep on keeping on Jake. Your videos are excellent and help me daily. Thank you.

  10. 1. Gratitude is the attitude that hooks you up with the infinite supply.
    2. Law of Relativity
    3. Hypnosis and Hypnotic Writing
    4. Understand clearly what it is that you want by being honest with yourself.
    5. There are 3 types of goals (A, B, & C)
    A. A goal you already know how to do.
    B. A goal you think you know how to do.
    C. A goal you don’t know how to do.
    6. There’s a mysterious force of good that flows into your life when you push past your terror barrier.
    7. There’s a divine order to the Universe and when you organize your mind, energy, and emotions in life, you harmonize with it.

  11. Bob is amazing so glad you had such a meaningful experience knowing him and thank you for sharing the story so others like me can live our best lives and benefit from all the knowledge he passed to you and so many others…maybe you could interview others he mentored?

  12. Jake, I’ve been following you for a few years. You helped me transition into my true potential from a homeless drug addict. The universe is responding to me in many ways because of the work of Bob, you, and Jack Canfield. His and your content helped me find my passion and purpose. H thanks for all you do ❤️🙏

  13. Bob Proctor was a great mentor for so many people worldwide. His amazing legacy will be passed on from generation to generation through all his students who became themselves a mentor for other people. God bless everyone who is missing this great and lovely soul!

  14. Another amazing video Jake . . . Bob was a truly extraordinary inspiration to me and to so many people, he will be missed so much, his teachings will live on and he will be influencing generations to come. Bob would be so proud of you. You have changed my life and I will continue to change with you and Bobs teachings ❤

  15. Beautiful way of showing your gratitude to Bob and humanity. We all have such great potential but need programming from all the bs people and family have inserted in our consciousness. Your such a great teacher and mentor! Bob is proudly watching you now smiling and laughing with us!

  16. Great video, Jake! We are infinite spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. Everything we can imagine is real. One of my favorite quotes is from Nicola Tesla who said, “if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy frequency and vibration.” Peace and much love, Andy 🙏

  17. Thank you so much Jake for sharing. Your bond with Bob is really beautiful and I believe you two were clearly supposed to be in one anthers life. I became familiar with Bob around 2006 because my good friend had a copy of the movie the Secret (the original version which still included Esther Hicks). I was living in Hollywood at the time and did not like my current circumstances and she use to make me watch it frequently to motivate me to change my thinking habits. I took to Bob’s dry but humorous personality. His segments really resonated with me. Eventually, I signed up for his mailing list and would listen to his meditations and hypnosis from time to time. When I read that he passed I instantaneously thought of you. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful thoughts and stories about him. You’re highly appreciated.

  18. Thanks for sharing Jake, I’m in his 1 year coaching program and I woke up Friday morning listening to a replay of one of his webinars. I was scrolling through Instagram and they had just announced his passing. I was shocked and very saddened by the news. I am grateful for his teachings and impact he’s had on so many lives around the world including mine 🕊

  19. Wanted say thank you. Because of you and a couple others. I am finally stepping out of my comfort zone. Sunday 2/13, My first video goes up. Because of you I’ve been saying no to negative mindset. Setting goals, even posting messages to groups I’m involved in. Goals set, deadline set, goal accomplished.

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