21 BEST “I Am” Affirmations To Shift To Your Highest Vibe | Law of Assumption 21 Minute Meditation

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21 BEST "I Am" Affirmations To Shift To Your Highest Vibe | Law of Attraction 20 Minute Meditation
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Use this meditation for 28 days to shift your self-concept and raise to your highest vibration. These "I am" affirmations will transform your thinking and empower your life. Robert Zink takes you on a quick 20 minutes meditation journey to empower your life with "I Am". I am affirmations are the most powerful affirmations that you can use for shifting your vibration and opening up to your highest potential.

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I am aligned with miracles they are part of my daily life.

I am master of my emotions. Today I choose
abundance, love, and happiness.

I am the Universe. I am a miracle. I am magnetic.

I am perfectly aligned with abundance love and happiness.

I am a leader filled with inspiration. People are naturally drawn to me.

I am in a state of flow. What I choose to manifest comes easily to me.

I am co-creating with the universe and I am creating an amazing life.

I am worthy to live the life I desire.

I am living a life of high vibration and amazing beauty.

I am creating a dream life for myself and those I love.

I am healthy, strong, and vibrant. I live a life of positive energy.

I am choosing to forgive myself and others. I am complete within myself.

I am confident. I live my own journey. Other peopleโ€™s opinions of my life are meaningless to me.

I am here in this world, at this time, to live, to learn, to love, and to leave a legacy.

I am filled with love and gratitude. I am grateful for the positive contributions I make to the world and my community.

I am successful on my life journey, my career path, and my personal life.

I am attracting abundance, love, and money all day long.

I am the master of my inner peace. I am calm and relaxed.

I am grateful for all my wildest dreams are manifesting right before my eyes in my life.

I am blessed beyond my ability to express.

I am grateful that I have no limits or boundaries on my dreams, my life, and my journey.

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